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              The Cuisine Diploma trains future Chefs to work in the cuisine sector. It is taught by prestigious Chefs who teach students traditional French cuisine culinary techniques in an establishment with ultra-modern fittings and equipment.

              The Cuisine Diploma is taught over a 9 month period and students have the possibility of carrying out a 2 month internship at the end of their programme. Our cuisine students are placed in prestigious establishments such as: L’Arpège, Hexagone – Histoires, the Pavillon Ledoyen, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Guy Savoy, the Mandarin Oriental…

              The training programme opens up the doors to becoming a cuisine chef or opening a restaurant in France or abroad.
              Le Cordon Bleu graduates gave us an inside scoop into their world. Some have even gone on to become stars in their field! From Julia Child to Gastón Acurio, discover their career paths...

              Cuisine Diploma graduates

              • Alexandre Da Silva cuisine diploma 2015

              • Javier Lopez cuisine diploma 2013

              • Lizzie Kwee cuisine diploma 2013

              • Ryan Milstein cuisine diploma 2016

              • Daniel Ye cuisine diploma 2016

              • Gabriela Kook diplome cuisine 2013

              • Marina de Massiac cuisine diploma 2013

              • Alexandru Scotnotis cuisine diploma 2012

              • Annick Muller cuisine diploma 2011

              • Luis Machado cuisine diploma 2011

              • Elena Karp cuisine diploma 2011

              • Laura Quintanilla cuisine diploma 2010

              • Anthony Fassio cuisine diploma 2010

              • Allan Castellote Grand Diplôme 2009
              • Paula Passos cuisine diploma 2009

              • Juan Arbelaez cuisine diploma 2008

              • Plablo Naranjo Agular cuisine diploma 2008

              • Bine Volcic cuisine diploma 2007
              • Joao Duarte cuisine diploma 2006

              • Helena Williams cuisine diploma 2004

              • Aharon Politi Grand Diplôme 2003
              • Chef Ted Cuisine Diploma 2009

              • Gaston Acurio cuisine diploma 1992

              Learn more about our graduate students