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Why Seoul?

In 2002, the world best culinary school ‘Le Cordon Bleu’ recognized ‘Sookmyung’. This historical footstep of two prestigious schools began with ‘Le cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy’. ‘Le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy is the second official campus in Asia, and the only institution in Korea to get ‘le cordon bleu’s Education.

Through the thorough testing and training by Le Cordon Bleu International, you can learn the Chefs’ know-how and skills who have experiences on world-stage level with our program. The interpretation will be provided for the smooth communication with the Chef, providing the best academic environment.

Le Cordon Bleu - Sookmyung Academy hopes you could pursue the dream of an international leader in the field of culinary arts.

Le Cordon Bleu has been evolving for last 120 years, and our program has been effecting the gastronomy culture all over the world.

By graduating with a Le Cordon Bleu Diploma, you will gain one of the industry's most revered qualifications. Our diplomas are recognized and respected by culinary and hospitality professionals all around the world. At Le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy, all of our courses have been developed in close collaboration with the industry and they are the combination of essential theoretical knowledge and the hands-on practical approach.



  • minsub

    “ Very careful education for the strong basis, The culture and tradition, techniques learned from French Master Chef”
    I studied business in University and was working for corporates, but was getting fed up with the passive life. Then I met Le Cordon Bleu, It became the milestone for my agony and the source of courage for me to step forward to the new life. Careful education for the strong basis, and techniques were the valuable experiences that I could never get from anywhere else. Be with Le Cordon Bleu, make the unregretful choices.

    Minsub Shin (Owner of Roux Blanc, Cuisine Diploma 2013)
  • 5840

    Representative of Atelier Dalcoco

    Majored in food&nutrition, focusing more in the pastry field as she wanted to be a patissier. She considered studying abroad after graduation, but she decided that LCB Sookmyung Academy was the best education institution, as she planned to return to Korea to work. She was able to learn step by step through the systematic curriculum of LCB. She opened her own atelier with her experience in the pastry field during her time at Le Cordon Bleu. She recommends to students that they should have sufficient experience in the field.

    Ja-Hyun Won(Pastry Diploma 2009)

If you are interested in Le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy, feel free to make a reservation for a free on-site consultation. You will have detailed consultation on attending the Academy without any charge.

On-site tour of the Academy is included in the consultation and you can actually see what is going on in the classroom. The on-site tour will help you to get a glimpse of our course.

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