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Traditional Freshly Baked Pastries Workshop - 2 days


Duration: 2 days of 5.30 hours

Learning to make home-made freshly baked pastries
is a trend which is on the rise in France. More and more of us want to make our own pains au chocolat and other viennoiserie products. The evolution of bread baking ovens for the home and increased access to the knowledge of the best artisans via workshops means that, today, it is possible to make quality products, to rival bakeries, in your own home.

2-day Traditional Freshly Baked Pastries Workshop Presentation

Le Cordon Bleu Paris is delighted to welcome you, as part of its range of cuisine lessons dedicated to bread baking, and introduce you to the secrets of this French speciality. The making of freshly baked pastries will be thoroughly explained to you by an expert who will then guide you as you make your own first pastries.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris 2-day Traditional Freshly Baked Pastries Workshop is split into 2 sessions lasting 5.30 hours each. You will therefore be able to fully concentrate on the whole process of making a freshly baked pastry and discover various recipes.

You will leave the Traditional Freshly Baked Pastries Workshop with true expertise and all the recipes covered during the 2 days. You will also be awarded a certificate of participation.

On the menu:

20-21 March, 29-30 March, 25-26 April, 30-31 May, 18-19 June, 18-19 July, 8-9 August, 30-31 August, 11-12 October, 29-30 October, 21-22 November
Croissant and chocolate roll
Almond blackcurrant lemon cake
Brioche (Nanterre)
Individual brioche (cocktail and chocolate chip)
Small milk bread

Price: 540.00€

Duration: 2 days

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