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My First Chocolates


My first chocolates workshop presentation

Duration: 2:30 h

Share a gourmet experience with your child as you make delicious chocolates.

During a 3 hour session, a Le Cordon Bleu Chef provides their expertise alongside a parent/child duo as they make chocolates to rival a chocolate boutique. This workshop combines sharing and learning, by using culinary techniques adapted to a young audience.

The opportunity to unleash the talents of Chefs in the making!

On the menu:

28 May, 18 June
Heart shaped chocolate and raspberry macarons

All short courses are taught in French and consecutively translated into English by a translator.
Applicants must be at least 8 years of age.
To carry out this parent-child workshop, please book a seat for each participant.
Apron, tea towel and cooler bag “Le Cordon Bleu” are offered.
During the day of the short course, you will benefit of 10 % discount at Le Café Le Cordon Bleu and at La Boutique, except on books (-5%).
The end time of the course depends on the number of participants.

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