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Paula Passos - Cuisine and Pastry Certificates 2009


Inspired by the warm and family-like environment of Le Cordon Bleu, Paula decided to start up her own business, La Cuisine des Amis, to provide cooking classes to people of all ages.

Meet Paula Passos

Paula Passos was born in Brazil and obtained a degree in Advertising and a Masters in Business Administration.

Paula’s relationship with Le Cordon Bleu began during a vacation in Paris in 2008 when she followed a cooking demonstration at the school and fell in love with the place, the Chefs and the friendly atmosphere. She decided to abandon her career, moved to Paris and registered for the Basic level of Cuisine and Pastry Diplomas. 

“From my first day at the school, I felt I was part of Le Cordon Bleu family.  From the Chefs to the washer uppers and the office staff, everyone is very welcoming.  It’s not always easy to do everything we’re supposed to, but we are definitely a team working together to prepare delicious food!” 

Paula has wonderful memories of her time at Le Cordon Bleu, and will never forget the day she met Meryl Streep:  “…it was supposed to be just another regular Sunday in Paris.  I was invited to join the cuisine team as an assistant for the Premiere of the movie Julie & Julia at the American Embassy and all of a sudden my favorite actress shows up at the party!” 

Back home in Brazil, Paula took inspiration from the Le Cordon Bleu Paris culinary workshops to develop her own company, La Cuisine des Amis, where she gives cooking lessons to adults and children.

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