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Why Peru?

Today Peru has one of the most important cuisines worldwide with a great variety and richness of food, grains and fruits.  At present we are the only University Le Cordon Bleu worldwide offering careers of 5 years and an Institute offering careers of 3 and 2 years.

In that sense, our schools train professionals capable to perform according to international standards in the so competitive international market but with the distinction of Peruvian cultural, geographical and culinary knowledge.

This is the only campus in South America training professionals with the most modern infrastructure and technology.

Le Cordon Bleu Institute

Our Careers and Programs

Le Cordon Bleu is the most renowned school training professionals in gastronomy, culinary art, hospitality and management.

In Peru we offer careers of two and three years in Gastronomy, Pastry, Cuisine, Hospitality and Restaurants Management and Bar & Cocktail as well as Continuing Education Programs that allow professionals to update their knowledge in food and beverage areas, Diplomas in Gastronomy and in Pastry, Diploma in Management, Coffee Barista School, Tasting School, and Sommelier and Business Training Program.

Continuing Education Programs (PEC)

Programs aimed at improving the skills and abilities of participants involved in the management of companies in the food, beverage and services industry. Our Continuing Education Programs have an offer based on competences, meeting students needs to grow professionally and achieve their goals and objectives.


  • Diploma in Gastronomy and in Pastry
  • Diploma in Management
  • Coffee Barista School
  • Tasting School and Sommelier
  • Business Training Program

Master Cuisine Specialization Program

It has been designed to excel and expand the knowledge of culinary techniques, classic and avant-garde, fundamental edge to reach excellence in cuisine.

The objective is for the participant to correctly execute the Peruvian and international cuisine repertoires, as well as being able to create, plan, organize and manage the food and beverage departments of hotels and restaurants, orienting them towards a quality service and satisfaction of external and internal customers.

To professionals with a certificate in Cuisine or Gastronomy.

University Le Cordon Bleu

At the hands of Le Cordon Bleu International, in 2010 the first worldwide University of Le Cordon Bleu was founded in Peru aimed at training professionals in gastronomy, food science, nutrition and research with strong social commitment in social and cultural development of the country.

We offer the “Bachelor” degree in our careers besides the professional degree on behalf of the Peruvian Ministry of Education.

Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)


  • Nutrition and Food techniques
  • Gastronomy and Business Management
  • Food Engineering
  • Hotel and Tourism Business Administration


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    “Meet people and travel, I like going out to visit bars with bartenders, elaborate cocktails and learn about their cultures. The motivation for creating new cocktails led me to take the initiative to work behind a bar at the age of sixteen. I am a flair bartender by conviction and mixologist by passion”.
    AARON DÍAZ - Bartender y gestor de restaurantes – Carnaval
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    “I own La Feria and La Maria, two restaurants in Villa de Leyva. Among my next projects is to open a hotel in that same town where I can have my garden and prepare dishes with the products we produce because I believe in market cuisine”.
    FELIPE FANDIÑO - Master Cuisine graduate
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    “We have 5 new international campusses planned for 2023. We want to open a Wallqa restaurant per year starting with Latin America in 2019”
    Arturo Piedra - General Manager Wallqa Restaurant
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    “Oak Ahumados and brebajes is my first restaurant. I know that everything I learned at LCBP will allow me to conquer the world.”
    Pedro Pinto - Graduate from the Gastronomy career 2012


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