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Gabriela Kook- Cuisine Diploma 2013

http://static.cordonbleu.edu/Files/MediaFile/20275.png Following her graduation in 2013 with a cuisine diploma, Gabriela Kook has showcased her culinary talents on a variety of media platforms, most notably on MasterChef Korea in 2014.

Meet Gabriela Kook

Gabriela became passionate about French cuisine when she first set foot in Paris.  She then decided to sign up for Le Cordon Bleu Paris Cuisine Diploma.

After successfully completing her diploma in 2013, she carried out an internship at the renowned two Michelin-starred Parisian restaurant:  Apicius. During her internship, she also applied to take part in MasterChef Korea and in 2014 was selected to be one of the candidates for the third series. Following three months of intense competition, Gabriela finished in second place opening up numerous career opportunities, especially in Korea.

Also an expert in the arts, she went on to create her own channel on YouTube in order to combine her passion for cuisine with the making of videos.  In addition, she takes part in culinary demonstrations at events throughout Korea and appears on television cookery programs.  Gabriela will also be the star of a documentary on cuisine and travel, which was filmed in South America from EBS Korea.

When we asked for her thoughts on her time at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, she replied:  “The training I received at Le Cordon Bleu Paris helped me to be selected for MasterChef Korea. When I was training, I found it very difficult to fillet fish. It was ironic that, during my internship at Apicius, I mainly worked with fish and seafood, which proved invaluable on the day of my audition as I had to fillet a fish and then pan-fry the fillets in front of the jury. Thanks to my training and my internship, I was able to carry out the task with ease and really impressed the jury!

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