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How do you become a cuisine chef?

The cuisine chef is creative, rigorous and an excellent manager, the chef’s talent is the key to the amount of pleasure customers will get in terms of taste, and to the reputation of the restaurant in which the chef works. Learn more about this job which truly is a labor of love…

A job which changes depending on the restaurant

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The job of cuisine chef varies greatly from one restaurant to another. In small establishments, the chef often works alone or with the help of one, or a number of “commis de cuisine” whereas in large restaurants, the cuisine chef is at the top of the hierarchy and in charge of a brigade made up of:

  • A "second de cuisine"
  • A number of "chefs de partie"
  • A number of "commis de cuisine"

An excellent cook

A cuisine chef is above all else an experienced and talented cook. A restaurant’s reputation comes, in the main part, from the chef’s creativity, sense of excellence and cuisine skills. Before reaching this position, the cuisine chef must have gained experience over a number of years. A chef perfectly masters culinary techniques and knows ingredients, and when they are in season, with his/her eyes shut.

A chef is also very curious and keeps up to date with the latest culinary trends in the world of gastronomy. Creative, inspired and industrious, a cuisine chef has a truly artistic soul. A chef must constantly reinvent himself/herself to keep the customers interest, whether restaurant regulars or those who are discovering the menu for the first time.

Cuisine chef, a versatile job

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The job of a chef is extremely rich and versatile. A chef organizes the tasks of each member of his/her team, ensures that the food and products are of the best quality, and that hygiene rules are respected. A real manager, a chef must also manage stock on a daily basis as well as relationships with service providers and suppliers.

A role model for the rest of the team

A cuisine chef is extremely passionate about his/her profession and should be capable of imparting this to the rest of the team. Pedagogic, a chef is perfectly capable of explaining every single step to his/her team. As a good manager, a chef knows when to delegate and when to correct the errors of his/her team.

The qualities needed to become a cuisine chef

experience cuisine chef passion cuisine chef creativity cuisine chef versatility cuisine chef

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Working conditions of a cuisine chef

  • Good physical fitness: A cuisine chef works surrounded by hot stoves in a very fast-paced working environment
  • No fixed hours: A chef must be available most of the time and the working day is often very long. Working hours differ depending on the restaurant. A cuisine chef can work with, or without, a break between lunchtime and evening service.

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Chef Briffard

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    I wanted to learn the basics of French cuisine which, in my opinion, is the best in the world. Le Cordon Bleu has a worldwide reputation, top quality teaching and prestigious internship opportunities. It perfectly equips you for a professional career anywhere in the world.
    Iñigo Ruiz Rituerto, Grand Diplôme Alumnus
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    Le Cordon Bleu was one of the best experiences of my life. I had some unforgettable moments while I was at the school. I met Chefs and other amazing people who passed on their passion for cuisine and quality to me.
    Laura Quintanilla, Cuisine Diploma Alumna
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    From my first day at the school, I felt I was part of Le Cordon Bleu family. From the Chefs to the washer uppers and the office staff, everyone is very welcoming. It’s not always easy to do everything we’re supposed to, but we are definitely a team working together to prepare delicious food!
    Paula Passos, Grand Diplôme Alumna

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