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Why Lebanon?

Lebanon is a place where ideas are formed, and where art, culture, cuisine and an ardor for life thrive.

Lebanon brings together beauty and diversity from the Mediterranean coastline, the lively urban landscape, the rural escapes, the cedar forests, the Jeita caverns, and the mystical valleys. History is vibrant throughrout the country, especially in the breathtaking city of Byblos, a place that has been continuously inhabited for the past 7,000 years.

Lebanon is ideal to experience all four seasons, sometimes in the same day. It's a place where one can ski in the morning then bask in the Mediterranean in the afternoon.

Visitors can enjoy a vibrant and diverse food scene throughout the country. Lebanese cuisine, of course, is exceptional and appreciated around the world.

Amazing Wine

Lebanon is one of the oldest wine-producing sites in the world. Grapes have been turned into delicious nectar in the region for thousands of years, and it’s an especially booming industry as of late. Most wines stem from the Beqaa Valley, though recent vineyards in other areas of Lebanon have begun to garner attention for their wines. 


For more than a century, Le Cordon Bleu has enabled aspiring culinary professionals to turn their ambitions into reality. Although many Le Cordon Bleu students already have some culinary experience, a large number come from various academic disciplines and professional backgrounds. Some are looking to start a new career, and others are looking to combine their interests or advance in their current occupation. Our students strive for successful careers in a wide variety of fields, including restaurant kitchens, catering, restaurant and hotel management, journalism, consulting, food service, food styling, and education.

For more than a century, Le Cordon Bleu has enabled aspiring culinary professionals to turn their ambitions into reality.  Nowadays we offer a wide range of culinary arts programmes. Regardless of your background, by graduating with Le Cordon Bleu, you’ll become part of a great tradition of excellence, with credentials that will set you apart from the competition in a demanding and changing industry.

Book A Tour

We understand that selecting Le Cordon Bleu is a significant decision and not something to be entered into lightly, to help you with your decision we would like to invite you to schedule a tour of the school so that you can experience what life as a Le Cordon Bleu student would feel like. It is highly recommended if you are interested in applying to one of our programmes: Grand Diplôme®, Cuisine, Pâtisserie, 

You’ll be welcomed by a member of our team who will show you our teaching kitchens, demonstration kitchens, library, boutique, and the facilities of BURJ on BAY hotel. 

Please use the calendar below to book an appointment. If you can't find a suitable time for your visit, please contact us so we can arrange another appointment.

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