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Why Mexico?

In April 2000 Le Cordon Bleu, continuing its expansion projects and international growth to satisfy the culinary industry needs, opened its cooking school for the first time in Mexico through a strategic alliance with Universidad Anahuac and therefore, both leaders in their respective education fields, provides the best culinary techniques training in the country.

Presently in Le Cordon Bleu Mexico Universidad Anahuac Campus Norte you can obtain Le Grand Diplôme® in 9 months, internationally recognized by the food professionals, allowing you to develop a successful career in the hospitality industry. In addition, Le Cordon Bleu joined the prestigious tradition in tourism education from Universidad Anahuac and the excellence in the art of hospitality, to impart a Degree in Restaurant Management, International Hotel Management and Gastronomy, with a program developed by Australia.


We are one of the oldest and most respected school in the gastronomy, hospitality and management world. Le Cordon Bleu is currently the more international recognition school in training of professionals of gastronomy, culinary arts and hospitality.

In Mexico we have Le Grand Diplôme®, consisting of Cuisine Diploma and Pastry & Confectionery Diploma and also Specialty Certificates, such as Fundaments of Mexican Cuisine, Bakery and Wine & Spirits.


  • AHF

    Le Cordon Bleu has taught me that you should not just stick with what Chefs teach you, you must innovate, be better every day and have a lot of creativity.

    Alejandra Herrera Figueroa
  • VECB

    In Le Cordon Bleu Mexico, I rediscovered my interior cook. Gastronomy has opened a new chapter in my life, in it gave me the opportunity to know more about food, its preparation and the techniques behind each dish. LCB is an invitation to never give up. If you love cuisine and are willing to accept the challenge, it's an opportunity to grow and learn from the best.

    Víctor Esteban Chacón Barboza
  • Testimonio2-250x250

    My main goal was to learn Pastry techniques. From the beginning, I liked the discipline, order and cleanliness that Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs always required when cooked. One of the added values that gave the alliance of Le Cordon Bleu - Anahuac was the teaching method based on the delicate individual work. Study in Le Cordon Bleu Mexico was the key to start my business of desserts, Mexican candy's, sugar decorations and cakes.

    José Ignacio González Quinzaños
  • Virginia Barbiaux Reyes

    Being at Le Cordon Bleu Mexico is like being in your second home. One of the best experiences of my life. You meet amazing people of all the world. The experienced Master Chefs of Le Cordon Bleu have given me passion for gastronomy and how to be professional. No matter how much experience you have in a kitchen, this school will always be the best option. You learn all the cuisine and pastry bases and how to take full advantage of your products. I'm sure that Le Grand Diplôme will give me access to opportunities to start new business in the future.

    Virginia Barbiaux Reyes
  • Carlos Ortiz

    My passion for gastronomy brought me to this country, chasing the dream that many Chefs share, studying in the best cuisine school in the world; my experience at Le Cordon Bleu México has exceeded all expectations I had, even being a gastronomic professional you can keep learning, improving and polishing techniques and cooking processes that allow you to approach perfection. Professional success is my main goal and here have supported me to do so, with a team of excellent teachers, the best materials and a unique atmosphere, which certainly made me reaffirm to gastronomy as my true passion.

    Carlos Ortiz Guerrero

Visit Campus

  • Duration: Approximately 30 min.
  • Cost: Free

In Le Cordon Bleu, we understand that choosing the culinary art school is very important, therefore we invite you to schedule a visit to our Mexico Campus to learn more about our facilities. When you arrive at our Campus you can:

  • Talk with any of our sales representative.
  • We will give you a tour for our demo classroms and kitchens.
  • We will answer all your questions.

Note: If you can't find an ideal time for the visit, please contact us by email or phone and we can schedule another date. Our operation hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am. to 18:00 hrs.

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