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The Art of Making Sauces and Jus


You will discover the techniques to make different sauces, the finishing touch of your dishes.

The Art of Making Jus and Sauces Workshop Presentation

Duration: 5:30 hrs

Many French dishes are made from, or accompanied by, a variety of sauces or jus. Examples include beurre blanc, béarnaise sauce and red wine sauce.

They add, or accentuate, flavour or bring the flavours of the different elements of a dish together.
Jus and sauces are, without a shadow of a doubt, an indispensable part of French gastronomy!

This is why Le Cordon Bleu Paris The Art of Making Jus and Sauces Workshop is available several times a month in its new building with semi-professional kitchen equipment.
In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a small group is guided by a Chef Instructor as they learn to master these delicious, traditional and innovative accompaniments.

You will cover every detail of the preparation of the jus and sauces selected by Le Cordon Bleu Chef.

And, to delight your taste buds, a tasting will take place at the end of the five hour and a half session.

Reviews of this cuisine workshop

  • workshop review by Audren De Valbray
  • workshop review by Anastasia Mitina

On the menu:

12 October, 21 October, 15 December

Sauces to taste and pair with crisp garden vegetables:
Cauliflower, carrots, radishes, cherry tomatoes
Cocktail sauce
Lime and cilantro yogurt sauce
Seasonal vinaigrette*

Sauces to taste and pair with low temperature
cooked organic salmon & small “grenaille” potatoes
Virgin sauce (made by the Chef Instructor)
Genevoise sauce
Kalamansi vinegar beurre blanc

Sauces to taste and pair with “Soulard” duck fillet
Pepper sauce
Bearnaise sauce
Vigneronne sauce (made by the Chef Instructor)

13 May, 25 May, 4 November, 16 November

Sauces to taste and pair with home made fougasse
Black olive vinaigrette (made by the Chef Instructor)
Green crab coulis
Fresh tomato concassée

Sauces to taste and pair with a roasted Landes yellow chicken suprême & elbow macaroni gratin
Béchamel & Mornay sauce
Chicken jus (made by the Chef Instructor)
Normandy mushroom and cream sauce

7 June, 5 July, 19 July, 5 August, 7 September

Sauces to taste and pair with vegetable spring rolls
Grey shrimp fumet
Thai vinaigrette

Sauces to taste and pair with steamed langoustine tails and asparagus or chicory (Belgian endives)
Langoustine cream

Sauces to taste and pair with Iberian pork
Pork jus with mild onion and lime
Red pepper & Vera smoked sweet capsicum coulis
Teriyaki sauce
Spicy apple condiment

Tastings are conducted during the workshop.

*Seasonal vinaigrettes:
Truffle vinaigrette: January, February, December
Strawberry vinaigrette: June and July
Olive oil and peach or ume vinaigrette: August and September
Chestnut honey vinaigrette: October and November

All short courses are taught in French and consecutively translated into English by a translator.
Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
Apron, tea towel and cooler bag “Le Cordon Bleu” are offered.
During the day of the short course, you will benefit of 10 % discount at Le Café Le Cordon Bleu and at La Boutique, except on books (-5%).
The end time of the course depends on the number of participants.

Book your seat for this workshop:

Price: € 210.00

Duration: 330 minutes

The Art of Making Jus and Sauces Workshop Chefs

The Chefs who run the Art of Making Jus and Sauces Workshops are experienced and dynamic. A number of them have worked in Michelin-starred restaurants.

The story behind the beurre blanc recipe

The beurre blanc recipe was invented by Clémence Lefeuvre in 1860.
It is made from butter, vinegar, white wine and shallots. Proportions vary depending on the individual taste of the cuisine Chef.

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