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Welcome to Istanbul

Over the last century Le Cordon Bleu has seen revolutionising change as we have evolved from a Parisian cooking school to an international network of culinary arts and hospitality institutes. Our philosophy of achieving excellence through constant practice and refinement remains the same, even as we grow to meet the needs of the contemporary culinary and hospitality industries.

In 2012, Le Cordon Bleu and Ozyegin University have partnered to establish an international gastronomy and restaurant management school in Ozyegin University campus, in the heart of Istanbul. This partnership is now offering the opportunity to all international students to be trained with outstanding French culinary techniques, in English, with our Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs in state-of-art facilities and in a city with a very colourful gastronomical heritage.


Inspiring artists, writers, and poets, Istanbul is a mix of east and west, the glamourous and the sublime.  Tradition and modernity is apparent in all aspects of daily life, including its culinary heritage. Its great diversity is seen in its magical Spice Market, rich fish stands and even miscellaneous neighbourhood farmers' fresh markets; Istanbul is like a treasure hunt for food-lovers.

Certificate Programmes

The programmes offered are aimed at training students to become skilled professionals capable of working, leading and setting up businesses in today’s very competitive market in any part of the world.

Grand Diplôme

  • Diplôme de Cuisine
  • Diplôme de Patisserie

Diplôme de Cuisine

  • Basic Cuisine
  • Intermediate Cuisine
  • Superior Cuisine

Diplôme de Patisserie

  • Basic Patisserie
  • Intermediate Patisserie
  • Superior Patisserie

Turkish Cuisine Programme

  • Classical Turkish Cuisine
  • Regional Turkish Cuisine

Intensive Bakery Programme

Weekend Cuisine Programme

Chocolate & Confectionery Programme


Short Courses & Events

Participants have the opportunity to work together with Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs to produce savoury dishes and delectable treats.  Short courses at Le Cordon Bleu Istanbul teach more than cooking skills - participants are able to learn various trade skills such as using regional ingredients and preparing a menu.

Le Cordon Bleu Istanbul offers one-day courses to introduce participants to the culinary world.  For participants looking for a more in-depth experience, Le Cordon Bleu Istanbul also offers short courses that span multiple days.


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