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Demonstration - The Art of Cooking like a Chef


On the agenda of the Art of Cooking like a Chef cuisine demonstration

30 October, 10 November, 30 November
Fine wild mushroom tart, aubergine caviar with curry
Scallops with yuzu and ginger butter, basmati rice pilaf with lemon grass

8 December, 21 December
Pearled scallops in chicken broth, foie gras, ginger, Granny Smith apple and mango
Venison noisettes roasted with juniper berries, red kuri pumpkin purée with ginger, cocoa pepper sauce

2019 - Recipes soon available
January 12, January 25, February 8, February 26, March 8, March 15, March 23, April 11, April 11, April 27, May 4, May 24, June 6, June 26, June 26, July 13, July 24, August 6, August 31, August 31, October 12, October 31, November 9, November 29, November 7, December 7, December 20

All demonstrations are taught in French and translated into English by a translator.
During the day of the demonstration, you will benefit of 10 % discount at Le Café Le Cordon Bleu and at La Boutique, except on books (-5%).
The end time of the demonstration depends on the number of participants.

Price: € 50.00

Duration: 3 Hours

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