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Why São Paulo?

One of the largest cities in Latin America and the most populous in Brazil, São Paulo has a very diverse culture, mainly because it developed through the work of its immigrants, most of them made up of Portuguese, Spanish Italians and Japanese. The metropolis is a business center and has a multitude of schedules and leisure for visitors, bringing together music, theater, arts and of course gastronomy.

There are over 12,000 restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs that cater to all audiences. São Paulo is the capital with the greatest chefs of Brazilian cuisine. High gastronomy and cultural diversity bring a touch of charm to the dining scene, which also has famous burgers, starred restaurants, Japanese restaurants and popular pubs for example. Cafes, patisseries and ice cream are part of the menu of cosmopolitan São Paulo, which leaves no visitor without delighting with so many options.

Programmes and Courses

In São Paulo, students will be able to live the Le Cordon Bleu experience with several courses in culinary arts, learning advanced and modern techniques applied in different cuisines of the world.

By studying at Le Cordon Bleu São Paulo, students have access to French and international cuisine, with a touch of Brazilian cuisine.

The courses are divided between Cuisine and Pâtisserie. To earn the Diplomas, students must complete the Certificates at the Basic, Intermediate and Superior levels. Le Grand Diplôme can only be obtained once the Diplomas de Cuisine and Pâtisserie have been completed.


    Although almost 27 years later, I remember every moment since my first day at Cordon Bleu Paris. It was almost a year and a half of permanence, between the three stages of kitchen and another four months like assistant of the chefs. All that I have achieved until today was the result of my learning in the institution. I became one of the first female chefs in my country and was the first woman chef to compete in the Toque d'or, which selects Brazilian candidates for Bocuse d'or. I was also the first student to be invited to teach at the school and, as a former student, I opened and trained in about 50 establishments, between hotels and restaurants in Brazil and abroad.
    Studying at Le Cordon Bleu was a wonderful experience! I had the opportunity to improve my skills and learn new techniques with the world's most renowned chefs. Le Cordon Bleu's Pastry diploma is an excellence certification and guarantees open doors throughout the world.
    Le Cordon Bleu was a big change for my life! Graduated in management, I was always passionate about food, and this experience gave me even more confidence to undertake in the field and a lot of credibility with investors. In 2015, I founded the startup ProntoChef, a subscription club that ships kits with resources and solutions for the customer at home. Now, I am launching a ProntoChef Express line, witch offers pre-cooked food in a vacuum packed for the customer to just warm up at home. I recommend Le Cordon Bleu to all who seek to pursue a gastronomic career, as well as an incredible technological supplier. It can open many doors with employers, investors and partners.
    I attended the Grand Diplôme at Cordon Bleu in Paris in 2009, and six years ago I opened with my sister Le P'tit Café, in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. The teachers are excellent and teach us not only to cook, but also how to behave in the kitchen, to have respect for the chefs, to be organized and clean, which are fundamental in this profession. We learn to select the best ingredients, we do tours in local fairs and also in the big markets of Paris. That's where I discovered my passion for pâtisserie and I still create new recipes based on the Cordon Bleu knowledge. For three years, we are indicated by Veja magazine as one of the best coffee shops in the city.

Campus Tour

Le Cordon Bleu São Paulo offers students the highest quality of gastronomy labs, with modern infrastructure and technology. If you are interested in taking Le Cordon Bleu, you can visit our campus to get to know the school better.

By theoretical and conceptual classes, students learn different cooking and pâtisserie techniques always under the guidance of world-renowned chefs in gastronomy.

Book your tour and get ready to enter the world of international gastronomy!

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