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When the Mixology meets the Pastry World
by Matthias Giroud from WM.Signature

Matthias is the Executive Bar Chef for Worldwide George V Entertainment Group (Buddha Bar) & Co-Founder of WM.Signature. The concept behind WM.Signature is to create unique beverages experiences for bars, restaurants, hotels, beverage groups and brands around the world.

The event will feature an introduction to WM.Signature and the bar/mixology world, alongside a unique demonstration and tasting of cocktails and mocktails taking inspiration from the perfume world.

Next, Matthias Giroud will challenge Le Cordon Bleu Chef Nick Patterson to create a dessert inspired by one of his signature cocktails. In return, Matthias will create a cocktail/mocktail inspired by one of Chef Nicolas' recipes.

Ode To The Truffle: Conference & Demonstration
by Serge Desazars

Join us for a conference on the story of the truffle also known as the ‘black diamond’, through its history, its production and the trends around its consumption throughout the world. Serge Desazars has been passionate about truffles for almost twenty years, their cultivation, their history, recipes, so much so that he turned them into his profession. After 15 years spent working in fashion and luxury, he left the industry to devote himself to launching and developing the Baron de la Truffe, France’s leading truffle business, totalling more than 60 hectares, which is completely Organic. In 2017, he published Ode To The Truffle, a book that recounts the many facets of the truffle through time and gastronomy. The book also features dedicated recipes created by leading Chefs, including Le Cordon Bleu and Yannick Alleno.

After the conference, Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef David Duverger will showcase through a demonstration how to make the perfect ‘truffle croque-monsieur’.

The book Ode To The Truffle (English) will be available at the event, signed by the author.