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Basic Cooking Skills Course on French Cuisine Techniques

Basic Cuisine is a full-time course that opens the door to the mastery of classic French cuisine techniques.

From day one, you'll begin to develop the basic skills: from how to hold a knife properly, peel vegetables and truss a chicken. As the term progresses, techniques become more complex. Students will learn how to use and integrate condiments, herbs, and spices which complement the dishes they prepare. This course provides a solid grounding in basic cuisine techniques and is designed for beginners and experienced cooks alike.

Basic Cuisine is the first step in completing your Diplôme de Cuisine.


4 intakes each year: Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn


Key information


  • 3 months | 1 term (standard)
  • 7 weeks (intensive - Summer only)


  • £9,120 (standard)
  • £9,290 (intensive - Summer only)

Certificate fees include: ingredients, uniforms, knife kit, learning materials
Hours per week: approximately 18 to 21 hours (standard) or 30 hours (intensive - Summer only)
Entry requirements: evidence of English language. No prior culinary experience is required. All students must be aged 18 years or over.

Please note that in order to successfully complete our Basic Cuisine Certificate, students will be required to handle live shellfish, prepare and use veal stock, take part in practical butchery classes on beef, pork and chicken, and handle alcoholic beverages within a culinary context.

Please note: applications requiring a visa can close up to 12 weeks before the course start date.


Certificate Details

  • Course Structure

    Le Cordon Bleu's teaching methods are unrivalled and are based on learning and understanding classical cooking techniques through practice and discipline. Once mastered, these techniques can be applied to any cuisine in the world. The Basic Cuisine certificate combines demonstration classes and hands-on practical classes in professionally equipped kitchens.

    Basic Cuisine - Overview

    • Basic cuisine preparations and cooking techniques including:
      • knife skills
      • basic classical vegetable cuts
      • fish filleting skills
      • elementary butchery skills
      • basic stocks and derivatives
      • elementary sauces and emulsions
      • basic doughs (e.g. pasta and puff pastry)
      • introduction to plating presentation
      • basic plated desserts for restaurants
      • elementary methods of cooking e.g. braising, pan-frying, boiling, deep-frying, roasting, and steaming
    • Identify French culinary terms
    • Health, safety and hygiene regulations
    • Develop personal kitchen organisation and management skills
  • Who is this programme for?
    We welcome students from a variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds. No prior culinary experience is required.
  • What qualification will I gain?

    Qualification title: Le Cordon Bleu Basic Cuisine Certificate

    SCQF level: 6

    SCQF Credits: 24

    This qualification is listed on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) and has been independently credit-rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Further information is available here. This gives assurance that the content of our qualifications are of a high standard, meeting the rigorous quality assurance requirements of a national awarding body.

    For more information about accreditation and student visa sponsorship, visit our Accreditation and Educational Oversight page.

    You will also achieve the Level 2 award in food safety.
  • Term dates and Apply

    Term Dates & Prices

    Select a date
    Jun 30, 2023 - Aug 11, 2023 ( Intensive )
    Jun 30, 2023 - Sep 15, 2023 ( Standard )
    Sep 29, 2023 - Dec 15, 2023 ( Standard )
    Jan 5, 2024 - Mar 22, 2024 ( Standard )
    Mar 28, 2024 - Jun 21, 2024 ( Standard )
    Jun 26, 2024 - Aug 2, 2024 ( Intensive )
    Jun 28, 2024 - Sep 13, 2024 ( Standard )
    Sep 27, 2024 - Dec 13, 2024 ( Standard )
    Jan 6, 2025 - Mar 21, 2025 ( Standard )
    Mar 28, 2025 - Jun 20, 2025 ( Standard )
    Jun 27, 2025 - Sep 12, 2025 ( Standard )


  • luciana
    Le Cordon Bleu gave me a big jump in my career. The training gave me confidence and with that came more confidence. I wanted to show to everyone what I learnt during my time at the school and that's why I decided to apply for Masterchef The Professionals.
    Luciana Berry - Private Chef and Caterer
  • brad2
    The curriculum at Le Cordon Bleu has not only given me the day-to-day skills that help me in the kitchen, but the knowledge that allows me to teach younger cooks so that they can improve their own techniques.
    Brad Farmerie - Michelin-starred Chef

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