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Le Cordon Bleu London is situated at the heart of one of the gastronomic capitals of the world. The school is located a short walk from the fashionable Covent Garden, Soho and Leicester Square - famous areas for their theatres, fine restaurants, exciting bars, vibrant cafes, and relaxing parks.

Our London school offers premium practical cooking equipment, impressive classroom facilities as well as outstanding services. By choosing to study in our school, you will be at the centre of this unique and welcoming environment - providing an unforgettable experience.

Practical Facilities

  • self-contained work stations incorporating induction range and preparation area for each student
  • digital sous-vide water baths
  • multi-zone convection ovens
  • fully equipped bakery kitchens with retarder proofers and stone based deck ovens
  • tandoori and duck ovens
  • ventilated ceilings
  • temperature and humidity controlled kitchens
  • professional wine tasting room
  • professional wine tasting equipment and accessories
  • large selection of glassware

Classroom Facilities

  • lecture theatres with demonstration areas and audio-visual technology
  • ceiling mounted demonstration mirrors
  • large open plan events area
  • interactive Smart Board technology

Student Facilities

  • library of culinary, wine and hospitality management books with quiet study area and computer access
  • on-site café serving fresh bread, pastries, savouries, and beverages
  • lounge and computer corner with internet access


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