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Our highly acclaimed range of cuisine cookery courses offer the most comprehensive training in French culinary techniques available today.

Taught by our team of Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs who have experience working in senior positions in the world’s finest kitchens, the Diplôme de Cuisine offers a complete training in classic techniques, and is comprised of three certificates at Basic, Intermediate and Superior levels which can be studied in either a traditional 9 months or in an intensive 6-month period.

The Diplôme de Cuisine can be studied in conjunction with our Diploma in Culinary Management in a 12-month programme, or you can follow your studies with our 3-month internship programme. We also offer a 15-month programme where students can take both the 3-month internship followed by the Diploma in Culinary Management.

At Le Cordon Bleu London, we offer a 3-month diploma based on the principles of nutrition and food science, and their application within culinary arts. It addresses the following disciplines: health, science, sustainability and gastronomy with an emphasis on nutrition. The Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts offers a practical cookery course which focusses solely on ingredients derrived from plants.

Perfect for the culinary enthusiast or people looking to gain a little more confidence at home in their own kitchen, our exciting gourmet short courses range from interactive demonstrations to hands-on workshops where you can discover international cuisines, cuisine techniques and creatively cooking with vegetables.

From a one day short course, to a full diploma, the cuisine cooking courses available at Le Cordon Bleu London will encourage you to hone your culinary skills, as well as becoming more creative in both taste and presentation.

Diplomas and Courses