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A Comprehensive Programme for Aspiring Wine Professionals

Le Cordon Bleu London’s Diploma in Wine, Gastronomy and Management is a professional wine course like no other. Developed by renowned wine professionals, this diploma is a full-time wine business management course that fully prepares you to succeed in the world of wine with an operational and strategic approach to the food and drinks business. This course will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of wine, its integration with gastronomy and their management within a commercial environment.

This highly interactive course combines the theory of wine with a strong emphasis on practical learning and tasting. It aims to develop your passion in wine and the culinary arts and provide you with theory, experience and a practical approach that ensures you are prepared to begin working within the professional world of wine, including gastronomy.

The core focus of the course is to provide wine knowledge through topics such as Wine Sensory Analysis, Wine Production and Wine Producing Countries & Regions. You will learn in-depth analysis and evaluation of an extensive range of wines and beverages and how to position them in relation to the global wine industry. You will attend in-house and industry presentations and field trips, enabling you to develop your skills and relate the wine flavour profile to the method of production and region of origin. At the same time, you will also develop a holistic understanding of wine, its material qualities, service, and the importance and significance in a global culinary and cultural setting.

Gastronomy is a further focus of the programme, providing you with the opportunity to integrate production, the art of service and the management of wine and all types of beverages in a culinary setting. You will learn to relate to the contemporary world of gastronomy through the practical art of wine and beverage service, as well as the relevant theoretical foundation. Pairing sessions will include a range of wine styles and beverages including beers, spirits, coffee and tea. Beverages will be paired with an extensive range of world cuisines, cheeses, pâtisseries and chocolates to illustrate dining experiences and culture from all sectors of the hospitality industry.

The management aspect of the course ensures that you are familiar with the commercial environment through such disciplines as wine and beverage cost control, marketing and distribution processes. You will learn the technical and theoretical knowledge necessary to effectively manage a wine and beverage department, including the logistics, distribution and marketing within the wine and spirit industry, including current trends and statistics which help to make decisions around products and services. The course will provide important communication strategies, presentation skills, research skills and professional and career development.

In conjunction with Le Cordon Bleu’s own lecturers and teaching chefs, students will benefit from guest lectures from industry professionals with topics including natural wines, e-commerce, marketing, sake and glassware. The course features diverse teaching methods including lectures, customer service skills, tasting sessions, and experience observing operations in Le Cordon Bleu’s CORD restaurant. Students will conduct events such as a virtual wine tasting, where they will employ the practical skills they have learned in a public setting.

To compliment the theoretical and practical learning of the course students will visit different wineries, breweries, distilleries and restaurants in the UK, and participate in various trade tastings and wine events. This provides an excellent opportunity to gain industry insight and apply new knowledge in different settings.

The diploma includes 2 terms of study at Le Cordon Bleu London, which may be followed by a 3-month internship.

The course can also be studied in non-consecutive terms, and is perfect for junior wine professionals who wish to develop their understanding further, and for anybody looking to undertake a professional career in the wine industry.

1 intake each year: Autumn


Key information

Duration: 6 months | 459 Guided Learning Hours, 360 Self Directed Learning Hours
Price: £15,625
Diploma fees include: uniforms, learning materials, subscription to Jancis Robinson's Purple Pages
Guided Learning Hours per week: approximately 24 hours
Entry requirements: high school diploma or equivalent, evidence of English language. All students must be aged 18 years or over.

  • Over 500 wines tasted
  • Guest speakers from the industry
  • Access to various professional tastings
  • Field trips to wineries, brewery and distillery in the UK
  • Multiple networking opportunities


Wine Diploma Details

  • Course Structure

    Drawing from the expertise of our Wine Development Manager and Le Cordon Bleu Lecturers, this Level 4 diploma combines essential wine theory with a hands-on and practical approach: advanced knowledge and skills in wine and gastronomy as well as a focus on management. It is composed of two terms of 3 months each.

    Wine and Gastronomy (Term 1)
    240 Guided Learning Hours. Prerequisite: none

    • Wine sensory analysis 21h: grasp and assimilate the techniques to become competent in the art of wine tasting through the development of structured tasting notes. Students will learn how to use their notes to describe wine in a precise and concise fashion to a professional and consumer audience
    • Wine production 45h: explains viticulture, winemaking, maturation and bottling, in the context of climate, geography and topography and relate it to the taste of wines. You will visit British wineries in different seasons
    • Wine producing countries and regions 81h: learn the specifics of each region and wine producing country, from the history, to the winemaking processes, with a focus on France, Italy and the fine sparkling wine regions of the world. Topics covered include an examination of the regional qualities of the wine, its terroir, climate and culture. The course will be supported by in-house tastings and professional fairs
    • Beverages 30h: advanced knowledge on beverages that can be offered as an alternative to wine. Students will develop a structured method to assess all drinks with the same efficiency as applied to wine
    • Gastronomy 53h: drawing from the expertise of Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs, students will experience food and wine pairing with both theoretical and practical understanding of the interaction of matching beverages with French dishes, Mediterranean dishes, desserts, vegetarian dishes and casual dishes. Includes educational lunches in restaurants to match beverages with various cuisines. This unit will also consider wine service, covering different styles of service and highlighting the techniques required to optimise the flavour of a wine
    • Field visits: during the term, students will visit different wineries, breweries, distilleries and restaurants in the UK, and participate in various trade tastings and wine events

    Wine and Management
    Prerequisite: Wine and Gastronomy (Term 1)

    • Wine sensory analysis 15h: refine methodical sensory evaluation techniques, and develop blind tasting skills in order to perfect the association of grape varieties and famous wine regions
    • Wine producing countries and regions 81h: further explore exceptional wines from a the main wine producing countries including United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Greece, United States of America, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand
    • Gastronomy 47h:perfect the knowledge of the interaction of matching beverages with cheeses, chocolate, pastries… The students will also gain experience in the Le Cordon Bleu Restaurant for wine service. They will master the personal communication and presentation skills required to advise retail or restaurant customers. The students will organize their own tasting events for their peers and selected members of the wine and hospitality industry
    • Wine & Beverage management 70h: provide students with the technical and theoretical knowledge to effectively manage a wine and beverage department. This unit focuses on the logistics, distribution and marketing within the wine and spirit industry and includes an evaluation of techniques for branding, packaging, pricing methods and consumer behaviour. Areas covered include the current trends and the statistics which helps the wine and beverage industry and businesses to make decisions around products and services. The factors affecting the delivery of a marketing package, distribution channels and evaluating the marketing planning process in the design and development of a new business opportunity. It also focuses on procurement, wine and beverage cost control systems and the processes involved in the design and preparation of a wine and beverage list appropriate to the business. The management unit focuses on such areas as, communication strategies, presentation skills, research skills and professional and career development.
    • Field visits: during the term, students will visit different wineries, breweries, distilleries and restaurants in the UK. They will also participate in various trade tastings and wine events.
  • Who is the programme for?

    A comprehensive programme aimed at those with a fervent passion for wine who wish to transform their hobby into a career, this Le Cordon Bleu Diploma is the first step to success.

  • What qualification will I gain?

    Qualification title: Le Cordon Bleu Wine, Gastronomy and Management

    SCQF level: 8

    SCQF Credits: 81

    This qualification is listed on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) and has been independently credit-rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Further information is available here. This gives assurance that the content of our qualifications are of a high standard, meeting the rigorous quality assurance requirements of a national awarding body.

    For more information about accreditation and student visa sponsorship, visit our Accreditation and Educational Oversight page.

    Graduates of our Diploma in Wine, Gastronomy and Management will acquire a thorough understanding of the world of wines, spirits & beverages and the proficiency to become an accomplished wine and food professional. Students completing this unique programme will boast a skill set which will set them apart in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Examples of potential positions:

    • Wine merchant / retailer
    • Hospitality careers e.g. sommelier, food and beverages manager
    • Wine business entrepreneur
    • Wine journalist / broadcaster
    • Wine buyer
    • Wine consultant
    • Events coordinator
  • Add internship

    The Le Cordon Bleu London Internship Pathway can be added to the Diploma in Wine, Gastronomy and Management. Following successful completion of the Diploma, students will be eligible to complete a 3 month Wine Professional Internship in the UK or overseas*.

  • Term Dates and Apply

    Term Dates & Prices

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    Sep 30, 2024 - Mar 21, 2025 ( Standard )
    Sep 29, 2025 - Mar 27, 2026 ( Standard )


  • anna2
    The knowledge that I gained from the Diploma in Wine, Gastronomy and Management definitely help me in my day-to-day role. The course gave me a solid foundation in the most important aspects of the wine industry and I build on what I was taught a little bit more every day.
    Anna Schena - Assistant Wine & Spirit Buyer at Harvey Nichols
  • madison2
    I think the course was definitely more intensive than I ever thought it would be, it’s an incredibly comprehensive course, and it’s fantastic that we even go into statistical analysis. It gives you so much, take in everything you can.
    Madison Huang - Project Manager and Development at Cheval Blanc

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