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Learning to cook is about more than food. Its benefits extend to opening your mind to new cultures and creativity, to enjoy a greater understanding of restaurants and meals, and even to unlocking a healthier life. And it’s a lifelong learning experience, as you acquire more skill, confidence and knowledge in the kitchen. There are centuries of experience and wisdom within the walls of Le Cordon Bleu London. And, like anyone passionate about their craft, we like to share what we know. Here, you’ll find food guides, cookery tips and hacks to help you hone your craft.

As well as cooking tips - from finding the perfect knife to dishes every chef should know. We’ll also share our wisdom about dining in England’s incredible capital. Below, you’ll find numerous food guides to London, from the must-try foods to emerging trends, like food stalls and market halls. We also take a look at innovations, trends and news from the culinary world. Ultimately, this is a guide to the perennial discipline of good food and the evolving world around it.

Bon appetit…