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If you see yourself as a talented pastry chef in the making, you will know that there is one ingredient you must understand how to work with intuitively and that is chocolate.

Probably the world’s best-loved sweet treat, chocolate features heavily on dessert menus in every Michelin-starred restaurant in the world, and is used in a myriad of inventive ways to add flavour, texture, and beauty to a dish.

Where Can I Study Chocolate Making in London?

Le Cordon Bleu London offers a number of different chocolate courses, from full time Pâtisserie Chef training, to classes in truffle making. Read on to discover, which chocolate course suits your needs and career aspirations.

Chocolate Making Courses at Le Cordon Bleu London

Diplôme de Pâtisserie

Le Cordon Bleu’s Diplôme de Pâtisserie is a significant step for those who are serious about becoming not only chocolate makers but Pâtisserie Chefs. The diploma will take you through the Basic, Intermediate and Superior qualifications in classic French pâtisserie techniques, with all of our students learning from Le Cordon Bleu’s Michelin-starred pastry chefs. In addition to learning the required skills to become a master pâtissier, students will also develop and foster their own creative flair.

Students, who are keen to marry their culinary education with some professional experience can choose to study the Diplôme de Pâtisserie Internship Pathway. After completing your training, you’ll go on to pursue an intensive three-month internship in some of the London’s top hotels, restaurants and upmarket pâtisseries.
The Diplôme de Pâtisserie can be completed in nine or six months. The standard nine month course runs over three semesters, with students completing approximately 15 to 18 hours of classroom time per week. The intensive six month course only lasts two semesters, but students must complete up to 40 hours of classroom time each week.

Chocolate Truffles and Bonbons Demonstration

Our Chocolate Truffles and Bonbons Demonstration is the ideal course for the professional pâtissier at heart. The short course teaches students all about chocolate, its origins, its quirks and the process that turns this humble fruit into the chocolate we all love.
After a brief demonstration, you’ll learn the the art of tempering, as well as hand rolling, moulding and piping. You will also be taught how to produce moulded chocolate shells from tempered chocolate and how to decorate them.
The short course only lasts 2.5 hours, but teaches you everything you need to know about creating the tastiest chocolate creations.
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Easter Chocolate Workshop

The Easter Chocolate Workshop is one of two seasonal Le Cordon Bleu chocolate workshops. Our Easter workshop is all about equipping you with the skills you need to create delicious chocolate treats and decorations to celebrate Easter.
During a six hour practical workshop, students will be given all of the equipment, ingredients and guidance needed to create a chocolate Easter Egg centrepiece and three varieties of truffle. Students will also be instructed in the art of tempering, a vital skill for any master chocolatier.
Class sizes are small, with only 16 spots available on the course. This means students have ample opportunity to learn as much as possible from Le Cordon Bleu’s classically trained chefs.

Christmas Chocolate Workshop

Le Cordon Bleu’s Christmas Chocolate Workshop, is the perfect way to get in the festive spirit. Under the careful instruction of our Master Pâtissier, you’ll develop the skills and techniques in tempering, ganache, piping, moulding, shaping, rolling and coating.
Once you’ve acquired these skills, you’ll be able to make beautiful (and delicious) treats including truffles, and handmade chocolate decorations, which can be enjoyed at home or given as personalised gifts.

Why Choose Le Cordon Bleu?

Simply put, our chocolate courses in London will inspire you. As a student of Le Cordon Bleu, you will learn the most innovative approaches to chocolate-making combined with traditional techniques. You’ll also benefit from our Pâtissiers’ unrivalled professional knowledge and get to witness master chocolatiers in action.
Our chocolate-making classes are perfect for those interested in a career in fine pâtisserie, or people looking to hone and refine their skills in confectionary making.

To find out more about our specialist chocolate making workshops and courses in London, contact us today on +44 (0)20 7400 3900.