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Le Cordon Bleu has trained some of the best chefs and most exciting restaurateurs in the world, and our teaching faculty are skilled in a wide range of culinary disciplines.

Here, we share some of our team’s vast pool of knowledge, whether you want to knead the perfect loaf of bread, temper chocolate, or make sauces from scratch, our team is here to help you achieve your culinary goals.

You’ll also find information on our short cookery courses, from knife handling to beginner-level Sous Chef skills. These are appropriate both for aspiring chefs and eager amateurs who want to learn how to cook to a professional standard.

Cooking and Baking Hacks and Techniques

How to knead dough
Store cupboard cooking

Cooking Techniques from France

Lining a tart and blind baking
Pomme Soufflées
How to fold puff pastry with a single turn
How to temper chocolate

Cooking Techniques for Vegetables

How to turn vegetables

Cooking Techniques for Fish

How to clean and fillet a round fish

Making Sauces from Scratch

How to prepare mayonnaise
How make hollandaise sauce
How to prepare Chantilly cream

Short Courses and Workshops

Cuisine Techniques Cooking Course
Knife Skills Course
Sous Vide Cooking Course
Cooking Techniques Essentials (Evening Classes)
If you are looking to take your culinary abilities further, Le Cordon Bleu London offers diploma-level professional cookery courses which are perfect for those looking to enter the industry as well as those who are simply looking for the most comprehensive culinary training available.