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Le Cordon Bleu’s Diploma in Pâtisserie Innovation and Wellness has been designed to expand on culinary education at Le Cordon Bleu schools internationally within the pâtisserie discipline. The diploma will provide culinary education to students and professionals wishing to build knowledge and skills in advanced pâtisserie with emphasis on recipe development, transformation and evolving classical recipes.

There will be a focus on how to design and create recipes which appeal to the current demands in the food sector, particularly in the markets for nutrition focused, health, allergen-free products.

Key information


  • 3 months


  • £8,435

Diploma fees include: ingredients, learning materials 

Hours per week:

  • Approximately 24 hours (plus 12 hours self-directed learning)

Entry requirements: Le Cordon Bleu Pâtisserie Diploma or Grand Diplôme or equivalent culinary qualification. Course can be studied directly following the these diplomas.
If you would like to study this course as part of our Diplôme de Pâtisserie or Grand Diplôme, please contact a member of our team who can assist you using the form below.

External candidates: please contact the school to schedule a meeting prior to enrolment. Please note external students will have to purchase the knife kit and uniform at additional costs (£630). All students must be aged 18 years or over.

Please note: applications requiring a visa can close up to 12 weeks before the course start date.

Term dates & apply

  • Course Structure
    This innovative Level 4 diploma takes students advanced knowledge and skills in patisserie arts and develops them further, with an emphasis on innovation, design and creativity. A strong focus on business and recipe development also prepares students. Utilising demonstrations from Le Cordon Bleu teaching chefs, guest chefs and practical training, the diploma will enable students to:

    Provide the skills, attitude and knowledge associated with advanced culinary techniques for pâtisserie arts and to acquire the related values to work as a professional in either the commercial, industrial or retail catering industry, commercial kitchens, hotels and restaurants.
    ▪ Build upon classical fundamental training in pâtisserie and develop skills in formulation of recipes, adaptation of ingredients and an in-depth understanding of the pâtisserie science related to recipe design and structure.
    ▪ Develop understanding of designing recipes incorporating science-based knowledge of flavour, texture and ingredient combining and apply pâtisserie techniques in an advanced capacity.
    ▪ Develop capability to manage hygiene, health & safety in workplace procedures and to contribute to the effectiveness of work teams.
    ▪ Prepare to construct their own dishes, create recipe specifications based on innovative techniques of their own invention.

    Students are encouraged throughout their studies to take responsibility for their own learning, through the comprehensive use of self-reflective evaluation.
  • Who is this Programme For?
    - Pâtisserie graduates who are looking to apply their skills and knowledge from previous learning and professional experience to advanced pâtisserie techniques and development.
    - Professionally trained chefs looking to build on the foundations of pâtisserie chef training and develop skills in formulation of recipes, adaptation of ingredients and an in-depth understanding of the pâtisserie science related to recipe design and structure.
    - New students who wish to add this diploma to a pâtisserie diploma course, to further enhance their studies and development with LCB.
  • What Qualification will I Gain?

    Qualification title: Diploma in Pâtisserie Innovation and Wellness

    SCQF level: 8

    SCQF Credits: 38

    This qualification is listed on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) and has been independently credit-rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Further information is available here. This gives assurance that the content of our qualifications are of a high standard, meeting the rigorous quality assurance requirements of a national awarding body.

    For more information about accreditation and student visa sponsorship, visit our Accreditation and Educational Oversight page.

    Students graduating from the course will be equipped with the skills to become the next leaders in the pastry arts sector. The hospitality and restaurant industries will welcome graduates of this course with graduates prepared for sought after positions on a global scale, as well as offering the potential to become business owners in their own right.

    Examples of potential positions:
    Pastry Chef
    Development chef
    Food and beverage executive
    Food entrepreneur
    Food product developer/researcher
  • Term Dates & Apply

    Term Dates & Prices

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    Sep 27, 2024 - Dec 13, 2024 ( Standard )
    Mar 28, 2025 - Jun 20, 2025 ( Standard )
    Sep 26, 2025 - Dec 12, 2025 ( Standard )
    Apr 3, 2026 - Jun 26, 2026 ( Standard )

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