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Hotel, Restaurant & Culinary Management

All of the restaurant management and culinary management courses at Le Cordon Bleu London have been adapted to meet the needs of the ever evolving culinary and hospitality industry. Specialist courses such as the Diploma in Culinary Management have been designed to provide aspiring managers and business owners with the relevant skill set to lead successful kitchens and food businesses.

The focus of this innovative programme is to provide practical and technically advanced culinary skills, alongside entrepreneurship and management studies.

From menu concepts and marketing, professional kitchen management and food and beverage cost control, students will develop their creativity and understanding of modern food trends during their time on this course, whilst working closely with enthusiastic lecturers who have had many years of practical experience themselves.

Our Diploma in Culinary Management can also be studied as an integrated programme with one of our culinary arts diploma (Grand Diplôme®, Cuisine or Pâtisserie) in either 12 months or 15 months.


Jointly delivered by Birkbeck and Le Cordon Bleu London, our Bachelor of Business Administration in Culinary Industry Management, provides a firm foundation in culinary techniques and management studies, while our Master of Science in Culinary Innovation Management and our Master of Science in Hospitality Innovation Management develop the management studies further, looking at the current and future development of the respective industries.



Culinary Management Diplomas & Restaurant Management Courses