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              Pierre Rigothier, cuisine chef at La Scène Thélème

              On 6 April 2017, Pierre Rigothier, chef at La Scène Thélème restaurant in Paris, came to give a cuisine demonstration to Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute students.

              Chef Rigothier began his culinary adventure at L’Espadon restaurant in Paris before moving on to the two Michelin-starred Le Laurent restaurant under Philippe Braun and Alain Pegouret. Thanks to his talent and experience, he then began working as sous-Chef, under the wing of Chef Éric Briffard, at Les Elysées, which had two Michelin stars at that time.

              In order to expand his culinary horizons, Pierre Rigothier left Paris for England, where he stayed for almost 3 years. Upon his return, he devoted himself to expressing his vast culinary know-how at Le Baudelaire. His talent enabled the restaurant to retain the Michelin star of his predecessor for 5 years.  
              His spirit of adventure then led him to seek out a new challenge and Chef Rigothier took a leading role at La Scène Thélème with chef Pierre Chirac, where art, gastronomy and theatre meet. Here, classic culture and modernity walk hand in hand, providing a concept where delicious and elegant cuisine can be sampled whilst exploring theatrical art.

              Pierre Rigothier’s priority is to teach his expertise through sharing, and his natural talent led to both a Michelin star and significant recognition.

              On April, the students were invited to step onto this gastronomic stage alongside Chef Rigothier. The Chef demonstrated the following recipes:

              • Pigeon du Val de Loire, navets, chocolat de Modica, kumquat
              • Squab pigeon from the Loire Valley, turnip, Modica chocolate, kumquat
              • Le foie gras de canard de Vendée en raviole, artichauts, aubergine, jus de jambon
              • Ravioli of duck foie gras from Vendée, artichokes, aubergine, ham jus

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