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Pierre Chirac, pastry chef at La Scène Thélème

Having already welcomed cuisine Chef Pierre Rigothier, it is now the turn of his counterpart, Pierre Chirac, pastry chef at La Scène Thélème, to put on a show!

Having had numerous successful experiences alongside leading pastry chefs, chef Chirac headed for the bright lights of La Scène Thélème, where the art of gastronomy and theatre overlap. It was there that he met cuisine Chef Pierre Rigothier and the two Chefs managed to create perfect savoury and sweet harmony.

Their techniques and expertise enable Pierre Rigothier and Pierre Chirac to conjure up menus which excel in the field of innovation and culinary pleasure. A menu which Cuisine and Pastry Diploma students (superior level) were able to discover during a pedagogical lunch at La Scène Thélème restaurant.

Pierre Chirac juggles with spices and flavours and creates new elegant and delicate desserts in line with seasonal ingredients. A springtime culinary encounter with his recipe “Criollo chocolate, cooked ganache and sorbet”

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