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Become a pastry professional or train to become a pastry chef in just nine months thanks to Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute Pastry Diploma, a passport to a career as a pastry chef in France and abroad. You gain an in-depth understanding of French pastry techniques enabling you to meet the needs of the culinary arts around the globe.

Pastry Diploma

Do you want to learn pastry and French pastry techniques? Find out more about our diploma training programmes, to perfect your artistic talent whilst making desserts and sugar and chocolate centrepieces:

These training programmes are suited to all, whether a novice or experienced. If you want to retrain or simply consolidate your knowledge, we have the ideal programme for you.

Basic Pastry Certificate

This pastry training programme presents the fundamental techniques for pastry doughs, creams and garnishes which constitute the keys to success. Step-by-step, the precision required in recipe formulas will become second nature and you will discover myriad uses of the various techniques.

This level includes an introduction to decoration, yeast doughs, masking, coating and glazing entremets as well as making traditional desserts and learning French pastry terminology.

Intermediate Pastry Certificate

In this level, you continue to develop your basic skills. Your decoration and presentation skills will be taken to a whole new level under the guidance of the Chef Instructors as you learn to make artistic pastries. Included are petits-fours, caramel, nougatine and plated desserts. You will also learn to work with chocolate and techniques for tempering and dipping chocolate.

Superior Pastry Certificate

You will be awarded the Pastry Diploma upon successful completion of this level. The aim of this level is to enable every individual to develop their creativity, perfect their artistic talent, and to prepare each student for the working world. You will learn to master the various additional aspects required for working as a pastry chef: contemporary restaurant desserts, the art of chocolate and artistic sugar pieces. Students also create an entremets.

Throughout their training programme, students also go on visits and are given insights into the professional world.

The most deserving students can consolidate their skills thanks to an internship programme in leading Parisian establishments.

Intensive Programmes

Pastry training programmes are also available in intensive format, enabling you to obtain your diploma in double-quick time.

Intensive programmes have the same curriculum as the standard programme, and the price remains the same, but they are organised in an intensive manner, enabling you to be awarded your pastry diploma faster. Classes are scheduled over a 5 to 6 week period, with 6 to 12 hours per day, 6 days a week.