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              The job of front of house manager after a formation

              The role of a front of house manager is to supervise and co-ordinate the entire front of house team. He ensures the client receives a warm welcome and that service runs smoothly. He may also be involved in recruiting his team and carrying out administrative tasks.

              front of house managerCareer and specialization

              A front of house manager can work in a traditional restaurant or a hotel restaurant. It is not possible to become a front of house manager at the beginning of your career, as it is necessary to prove yourself and gain experience, specifically in the roles of head waiter or maître d’hôtel, before applying for the position. Lastly, the front of house manager can evolve and take on greater responsibility in larger dining rooms, more distinguished establishments or even become a restaurant manager.

              Front of house manager: the tasks

              In their management role, the front of house manager is responsible for the whole front of house team (waiters, commis, maîtres d’hôtel, head waiters, sommeliers…). He organizes the work, schedules working hours, and ensures that hygiene and safety rules are adhered to.

              The front of house manager is also responsible for making sure the restaurant is profitable, in line with the objectives set by the management team. He is in charge of orders, stock removal, managing suppliers and cash registers.

              The front of house manager is also responsible for ensuring the customer receives the warmest possible welcome. They do this by monitoring the way in which each member of the front of house team works but may also welcome customers in person, give advice and converse with them to ensure that everything is going well.
              Depending on the establishment in which they work, the front of house manager may need to make joint decisions with the restaurant manager, specifically with regard to the recruitment of the front of house team, choice of decoration, negotiating a group rate for prices etc.

              The qualities needed to become a front of house manager

              people skills team workleadershiprigour

              An impeccable appearance is mandatory in this profession and applies to the whole front of house team as they are in direct contact with the customers.
              A good level of English, and even a second foreign language, is greatly appreciated in this profession as the front of house manager may welcome foreign customers.

              front of house manager in a restaurant

              Discover the Bachelors of Business in Culinary Arts and International Hospitality Management offered by Le Cordon Bleu Paris


              As part of their Bachelor training programme, students have the opportunity to meet Denis Courtiade, front of house manager at the Plaza Athénée, Best Maître d’Hôtel in the World (meilleur maître d’hôtel du monde) and winner of the service award in 2015.

              Please note: at the end of your training programme, it is imperative that you gain experience as a maître d’hôtel in recognized establishments before being able to begin working as a front of house manager.

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