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              Pastry Diplomas

              Each diploma is composed of three levels: basic, intermediate and superior.

              This course presents the fundamental techniques of pastry doughs,creams, and fillings needed to compose successful creations.
              Progressively, students practice accuracy in formulas and in the various uses of these techniques. Introduction to decoration, yeast doughs, masking and glazing cakes, creating traditional desserts, and
              French pastry terminology are covered.

              Basic skills are further developed and decoration and presentation skills are refined. Students are guided by the chefs to produce artistic, high-quality pastries. Petits fours, caramel, nougatine, and
              restaurant desserts are some of the lessons studied. Students are introduced to bread-baking and to chocolate work including hand tempering and dipping techniques.

              Successful completion of this level culminates in the Pâtisserie Diploma.
              The course aims to enhance individual creativity and artistic perfection, preparing students for the workforce. Students are taught to master three complementary elements of the craft: contemporary restaurant desserts, the art of chocolate, and artistic sugar creations. Successful participants will be able to hone their skills through an internship in one of Paris’ top establishments.

              Intensive sessions

              Intensive levels follow the same curriculum as the standard programmes and at the same tuition fees. Since they are accelerated, students can only take one discipline at a time: cuisine or pâtisserie. Intensive levels are scheduled in 4 to 5 weeks, 6 to 9 hours daily, 6 days a week.