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Cuisine and preservation of marine resources by Elisabeth Vallet


Marine resources are dwindling whilst, at the same time, fish and shellfish are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. As an intermediary between industry professionals and consumers, Chefs have a key role to play in the preservation of resources by choosing species whose stocks are in good shape. In addition, they know better than anyone else how to introduce consumers to species which are often overlooked, or considered less “noble” than others, but which are nonetheless just as delicious and whose stocks are not weakened. This conference will present the main challenges faced by marine resources (fishing and fish farming) and the questions that any Chef, whether professional or amateur, can ask himself to ensure he is buying “sustainable” fish and, as such, contributing to the preservation of the remaining wild resources.

Our expert, Elisabeth Vallet

The conference will be led by Elisabeth Vallet, Director of SeaWeb Europe.
SeaWeb Europe is an environmental organisation which works to preserve oceans and their resources.

SeaWeb activities

To contribute to the development of a market in sustainable seafood
SeaWeb Europe rallies and helps the seafood industry (from fishermen and fish farmers to processors, wholesalers, distributors, fishmongers, Chefs and restaurant owners) to make the seafood market environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

Preservation of oceans and ecosystems
SeaWeb Europe works with the entire professional body of sea and ocean users to ensure that responsible practices are put into place for ocean preservation.

Note: this conference is given in French.

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