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Chef Eric Briffard, One of the Best Craftsmen in France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France MOF), Director of Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute, has developed with his team of Chefs this four-day programme around new culinary techniques and trends. During this training, participants reinforce their culinary skills and acquire the necessary knowledge for sous vide (vacuum cooking) and the use of different cooking methods at low temperatures, as well as plating dishes and presentation.

Key Information

Prerequisites: Le Cordon Bleu Cuisine Diploma or 2 years of professional experience

Course duration:
4 days, 32 hours
Day 1: 7:45am – 5:45pm (lunch: 1h)
Days 2, 3 and 4: 7:45am – 4:45pm (lunch: 1h)

Tuition fee:
The fees include welcome coffee, lunches and tastings.

Teaching Method:

Workshop based with individual follow-up.
Classrooms are equipped with professional equipment. Utensils and equipment are loaned for the practical classes. A recipe book will be provided to participants.

Participants must wear their professional uniform and safety shoes. A cloak room will be available for changing on site. An apron, a tea towel, a hat a cooler bag are offered to each participant.

A Le Cordon Bleu participation certificate will be issued at the end of the training.

Teaching language:
This course is taught in French and consecutively translated into English.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute is referenced in the Datadock (recognition of the quality of training)

This training is not eligible for the CPF Training Personal Account.


This training may be eligible as part of your professional project and your job search. A quote will be given to you by the institute on request for all your external financing procedures.

Personal funding:
Directly with the institute

French employees:
Internship costs can be financed by your company's skills development plan. Contact your Human Resources department.

In the context of partial unemployment, financing possible at 70% or 80% (long-term partial unemployment) within the framework of the FNE-Training system (agreement between your company and DIRECCTE).

Your accountant will contact the Training Insurance Fund / OPCO, specific to your branch.

Job seeker:
This training may be eligible as part of your professional project and your job search. A quote will be given to you by the institute to register on the website linked to your region for funding by Pôle Emploi.

Programme details

  • Educational Objectives
    • Learn the essential techniques for sous-vide cooking and the use of different low temperature
      cooking methods
    • Learn about good hygiene practices
    • Learn to use sous-vide machines, an immersion circulator, combi-oven and blast
    • Food preservation
  • Course content
    • Introduction and good hygien practices (HACCP)
    • Workshop practice: Approach to quality products
    • Preparation for sous-vide and the use of different cooking techniques at a low temperature (vegetables, fish, meat, fruit) and comparison of cooking methods
    • Plating of recipes and presentation of meats, fish, vegetables and fruits
    • Playing with textures: introduction to basic molecular cuisine techniques
    • Crunchy items for decoration in gastronomy
    • Techniques for cold or hot espumas (foams) using a siphon in cuisine and pastry
    • Dried fruit and vegetables (dehydrator)
    • Smoking with and without smoke
    • Touching upon cryogenic cuisine
    • Plating of dishes and presentation of molecular techniques
  • Dates and tuition fees

    Term Dates & Prices

    Select a date
    Mar 22, 2022 - Mar 25, 2022 ( Standard )
    € 1,890.00
    Jun 28, 2022 - Jul 1, 2022 ( Standard )
    € 1,890.00
    Sep 20, 2022 - Sep 23, 2022 ( Standard )
    € 1,890.00
The institute reserves the right to modify the induction procedure, fees, dates, organisation, and structure of all its training programmes.