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Merve Armagan - Boulangerie Diploma 2017

Merve Armagan Boulangerie Diploma alumna

Born in Turkey, Merve studied and worked as an engineer and chemist before quitting her job to fulfill her dream and become a pastry chef. With that in mind, she did the Pastry Diploma in Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo and ended up here in Paris doing the Boulangerie Diploma. She was hired after doing an internship. She tells us more…

Interview with Merve Armagan

What made you want to study in this field?

I had a great desire to become a pastry chef. After I finished my Pastry Diploma in Le Cordon Bleu Japan, I realized that bakery is a complimentary field for pastry.

I decided to study Boulangerie where I can learn from the best Chefs by using the high quality  products, so I chose to come to Paris campus to study Boulangerie.

What is your favourite memory from your adventure at Le Cordon Bleu Institute in Paris?

It was the time of Christmas and we made a “piece montée” with Santa and a Christmas tree on it! It was a joyful day and we smiled and laughed a lot

Could you tell us briefly about your career path?

After I finished my studies in Chemical Engineering, I worked in occupational safety and health field as an executive director for three years. Then I quit my job to fulfill my dream of becoming a pastry chef and I left for Tokyo, Japan. After my studies in Japan I continued in boulangerie in Paris.

Where are you now?

Following my internship I started to work for Hotel Plaza Athenée. I am enjoying every moment with my team. I have the chance to work with talented chefs in the same kitchen. I get used to being in Paris so quickly, I am still enjoying the city and willing to stay in the future.

What advice would you give to future cuisine students?

Always be observing and noting every detail during classes. Giving your full attention and doing what you are doing with all of your effort will pay off as experience and expertise in future.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to get as much experience as I can have and I would like to open an atelier in further future to share my knowledge with other enthusiasts.

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