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              It is advisable to try and organize accommodation before arriving in France. The Internet is also a valuable source of information for apartment and studio rentals.

              A list of housing agencies and hotels is available to all registered students.

              Insurance and Vaccines

              We strongly recommend that all students carry medical, accident and liability insurance for the length of their stay. A copy of the insurance contract must be handed in to Student Admissions at the school upon arrival.

              Tetanus and tuberculosis vaccinations are advised for all students. Please contact your nearest French Embassy or Consulate for vaccination recommendations.


              Administrative procedures differ according to the applicant's nationality. Required documents and time frames vary in relation to specific international agreements.

              We highly recommend that students consult their nearest French Embassy or Consulate for information on visa procedures several months before their departure. Consult the France Diplomatie website for more information.

              Please note that those students wishing to begin an internship must obtain a valid visa entitled " carte de séjour". Only those students in possession of a valid “carte de séjour” will be accepted for an internship.

              Learning French

              Alliances Françaises

              Alliances françaises specialize in the teaching of French and work in partnership with Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and throughout the world. Don't hesitate to contact them and get ahead in your learning of the French language.

              France Langue

              The programme of France Langue focuses on speaking and listening skills while improving the students writing skills. The courses are offered in a relaxed and lively atmosphere where students feel free to actively participate, express their views, in role play and simulations. Oral and written exercises are used daily to learn or review grammar. Also, pronunciation is corrected according to each ones needs.

              Oise Paris

              A teaching philosophy based on personalized intensive language course. OISE has developed and refined the concept of effective language training whilst remaining true to its belief in the value of individual attention in order to maximize the contact time between student and teacher.

              Ecole PERL

              Ecole PERL offers ideal conditions to learn French and discover French culture and Parisian life. The school is open to foreign students and adults, courses start every Monday throughout the year and a test, at the beginning of the course, evaluates your knowledge of written and spoken French..

              Paris Langues

              The aim of Paris Langues is to provide high-quality teaching of French as a foreign language, by combining language courses and cultural workshops, to share knowledge of the French language and culture and to help spread them around the world. Our school offers year-round courses for adults and students from all countries who wish to learn and perfect their knowledge of French.

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