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Meet David Laor - Pastry Diploma 2009

Chef David Laor

David Laor was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel.  Harboring a passion for pastry from the beginning of his career, David took up his first culinary position at bakery/pastry boutique, Ditra and Offer Bakers, in the Judea Mountains, Jerusalem. 

When he realized that his true passion was pastry and becoming a pastry Chef, he decided to enroll at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and study for his Pastry Diploma which he completed in 2009.

The time I spent studying at Le Cordon Bleu exceeded all my expectations. I was taught by the best Chefs, working with the best possible raw materials and experiencing life in Paris, the world’s pastry capital.  The experience of walking through the streets of Paris, discovering new pastry boutiques and markets, was an important part of my studies, as well as my life at Le Cordon Bleu and in Paris itself.

Following graduation, David undertook an internship at MOF (Best Craftsman in France) Arnauld Lahrer’s pastry boutique in Montmartre before going on to further his studies, firstly in the art of chocolate in Paris and then specializing in breads and pizzas in Italy.

Returning to his native Israel in 2010, David opened his own pastry boutique in the picturesque village of Ein-Kerem, near Jerusalem.  He sells traditional French pastries, cakes, chocolates and candies, all crafted from the best ingredients imported from France and Europe and using the classic techniques he learnt during his studies.  His products, for private events, coffee shops and gourmet food retailers, are also sold in his pastry boutique/workshop.

In 2012, David moved his pastry boutique to the old Mevsseret Zion industrial area, between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. This new pastry boutique/laboratory has an open-kitchen which allows customers or simple those who are curious to watch David’s team making that day’s preparations.

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