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              UK Scholarship Award 2017 The Finalists Announced

              The Finalists of UK Scholarship Award 2017 revealed

              Twenty-five semi-finalists battled for their place in Le Cordon Bleu London’s UK Scholarship Award 2017 last week.

              In a bid to support the exciting evolution of the food scene which has become more dynamic and diverse than ever before, Le Cordon Bleu London launched the UK Scholarship Award in January for the sixth year running.

              The winner of the competition will be rewarded with a prize worth over £35,000 which includes a place on the renowned school’s most prestigious qualification, the Grand Diplôme®, providing the aspiring chef with nine-months of comprehensive training in both pâtisserie and cuisine, a three-month internship at Michelin-starred restaurant LIMA Fitzrovia, and luxury accommodation in central London, courtesy of Homes for Students.

              This year the world-leading school are also offering second and third place prizes which are, the Basic Cuisine Certificate and the Basic Pâtisserie Certificate respectively.

              After touring the UK and hosting exclusive events in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Bristol and Manchester in order to allow perspective candidates to experience a taster of life at Le Cordon Bleu and find out more about the UK Scholarship Award, the competition received an overwhelming number of entries from across the country before the deadline passed on Wednesday 5th April.

              All applications from across the UK were reviewed and the top twenty-five candidates competed in the semi-finals on the 20th and 21st of April, where they were interviewed by a panel of Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs and lecturers, and tested through a sensory analysis exercise at the state-of-the-art school.

              Twelve passionate finalists were chosen, and they will be invited back to the school for the final stage of the competition on Thursday 1st June where they will have to compete in a cook-off which will review their behaviour in a kitchen with a team and assess their creativity and motivation. This will be followed by an award ceremony where the winners will be announced.

              The UK Scholarship Award 2017 finalists are as follows:

              1. Tobi Akingbolagun
              2. Polly Allcock
              3. Emanuele Bardelli
              4. Jake Barwood
              5. Nathanael Dixon
              6. Connor Mansfield
              7. Amelie Marquis-Angulo
              8. Jacob Sakil
              9. Tim Schilling
              10. Briana Slack
              11. Raisah Umarjee
              12. Shaafi Yalahow