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Where do you begin if you want to learn about wine? If you’re a hospitality professional or casual enthusiast, studying wine at a level you feel comfortable with will enhance your experience whether at home, dining out or in your workplace. 

Le Cordon Bleu London has a wide range of professional and casual wine courses to help you achieve your goal in understanding the world of wine.

Wine Tasting

In addition to perfecting the physical method of tasting a wine, gaining knowledge around how different wines are made goes a long way to help understand why a wine tastes, looks and smells a certain way.

Learning what factors impact the flavour, smell and appearance of the wine will help enhance your experience of tasting and analysing it, and therefore allow you to make informed choices when selecting a bottle whether for casual consumption, a dinner party or in a professional setting.

Le Cordon Bleu London's online Certificate in Wine Tasting will take you through the essential skills and knowledge needed to successfully taste and analyse wine of all varieties, including red, white, rose, sparkling and fortified wines. The course introduces participants to the fundamental specialist knowledge, skills and understanding required to taste and evaluate wines.

Across 6-weeks, students will learn a systematic approach to wine tasting, alongside finding out how different styles of wine are impacted by the winemaking process and viticulture. This course is run by Matthieu Longuere MS, Le Cordon Bleu London’s Wine Development Manager, who comments “This programme will allow you to develop and build a sound knowledge of wines and acquire a more discerning palate by focussing on the tasting and key steps of winemaking.”

Wine and Restaurants

As a hospitality professional, an understanding of wine and beverages is an excellent string to add to your bow, even if it is not your main area of expertise. Having the knowledge to confidently make recommendations to customers or provide an informed opinion about whether a wine choice is suitable will give you the edge.

Le Cordon Bleu London’s Working with Wines and Beverages in a Restaurant short course has been specifically designed with hospitality professionals in mind. The course introduces students to key techniques in wine analysis and evaluation skills, perfect for those looking to gain a professional understanding of wine.

The course teaches you how to apply sensory evaluation skills to a range of wines, identify common wine categories, styles and methods of winemaking and how to describe the different flavour profiles of the major white grape varieties and red grape varieties.

If you want to continue your learning, the Managing the Wine & Beverage Offer in a Restaurant course is a continuation of the former and will further enhance your techniques in wine analysis and evaluation. You will learn how to apply professional sensory analysis skills to wines expected to be found on most restaurant beverage lists, and how to act like a wine buyer dealing with suppliers, how to recruit and train staff and to compile and price a beverage list.

These two professional courses are perfect for anyone interested in hospitality management or senior front of house positions.

Working with Wine

Naturally there is a solution for those seeking a career in wine as well. Le Cordon Bleu London’s Diploma in Wine, Gastronomy and Management is a professional wine course like no other. It is a full-time wine business management course that fully prepares you to succeed in the world of wine with an operational and strategic approach to the food and drinks business.

This highly interactive course combines the theory of wine with a strong emphasis on practical learning and tasting and to nurture your passion in wine and the culinary arts. It will provide you with theory, experience and a practical approach that ensures you are prepared to begin working within the professional world of wine, including gastronomy.

The core focus of the course is to provide wine knowledge through topics such as Wine Sensory Analysis, Wine Production and Wine Producing Countries & Regions. Gastronomy is a further focus of the programme, providing you with the opportunity to integrate production, the art of service and the management of wine and all types of beverages in a culinary setting. Finally, the management aspect of the course ensures that you are familiar with the commercial environment through such disciplines as wine and beverage cost control, marketing and distribution processes.

The course can also be studied in non-consecutive terms and is perfect for junior wine professionals who wish to develop their understanding further, and for anybody looking to undertake a professional career in the wine industry.

Wine Tasters

If you’re passionate about wine and gaining new knowledge, but don’t have the time or inclination for a professional course, Le Cordon Bleu London has a diverse range of masterclasses and short courses to choose from. From Summer Wine Essentials and Initiation to Wine Appreciation to Sustainable Wine and a Festive Wine Workshop, you can even learn about Beer and Cider or Gin & Tonic, or learn about food and wine with courses such as Wine & Cheese Pairing or Sharing Plates with Wine.

Browse all available wine and beverage short courses and professional programmes and uncork your wine knowledge today.

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