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Working with Wines and Beverages in a Restaurant


This professional wine course from Le Cordon Bleu London introduces students to key techniques in wine analysis and evaluation skills, perfect for those looking to gain a professional understanding of wine. The course is lead by Wine Development Manager Matthieu Longuere. A Master Sommelier, Matthieu has years of teaching experience, a wealth of experience working in fine-dining establishments and as a judge for many wine awards.

This professional level course takes place over six days, with the learning broken down as follows:

Day One 

  • Initiation to wine tasting
  • Understanding wine: White, red, rosé and orange wines
  • Understanding wine: Sparkling, sweet and fortified wine

Day 2

  • Recommending different styles of wines: White and rosé
  • Recommending different styles of wines: Red
  • Glassware

Day 3

  • Understanding a wine label
  • Recommending different styles of wines: Sparkling
  • Food and Wine Pairing Workshop 1

Day 4

  • Recommending different styles of wines: Sweet and fortified
  • Enhancing the wine experience, service temperature, decanting
  • Food and Wine Pairing Workshop 2

Day 5

  • Serving behind the bar
  • Recommending non-alcoholic beverages, beers and ciders
  • Food and Wine Pairing Workshop 3

Day 6 - Morning

  • One hour written exam and tasting
  • Practical Exam – mock restaurant situation

Techniques you will learn on this course include:

  • Applying sensory evaluation skills to a range of wines.
  • Identifying common wine categories, styles and methods of winemaking.
  • Following this course, you will know how to describe the different flavour profile of the major white grape varieties and red grape varieties.

Following this course, you may be interested in studying our continuation course: Managing the Wine & Beverage Offer in a Restaurant.

Key information:

  • Length: 5 days / 30 hours (plus exam).
  • 60 wines tasted + other beverages.
  • Reds, whites, sparkling and non-alcoholic wines tasted.
  • Will leave you with a fundamental understanding of how to recommend wines in a restaurant setting and the major factors that affect the overall flavour profile of a range of wines.

This programme is offered in two different formats:
- 8th April intake is studied across 1 week, with 6 consecutive classes.
- 3rd June intake is studied across 6 weeks, with 1 class per week.

Tuition: 850.00£

Duration: 6 days

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