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French Cuisine Technique: Pommes Soufflées

How to make homemade pommes soufflées by Le Cordon Bleu Chefs

In this series of videos, our chefs are sharing some of the classic French techniques we teach to more than 20,000 students on our programmes around the world each year. In the below video we show you how to make pommes soufflées.

Pommes soufflées are perfect if you want to do something different with potatoes. These light puffed potato pillows have a delightful texture, and are the perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes.

Chef’s tips: It is important to add multiple slices of potatoes together at the same time in the oil, which should be at 130°C. Move the potatoes continuously to incorporate air and ensure puffing later.

Be sensitive to the moisture levels in your potatoes and experiment with different varieties. Mastering this technique is all about trial and error (and a bit of luck!). The potatoes puff up because the external layers have low moisture but there is higher moisture at the centre of the slices. Once they begin frying in the oil, the moisture is sealed in by the crust that forms on the outside through frying. Then as moisture at the centre turns to steam and tries to escape, it makes the potato puff up.



  • potatoes (use a 'floury' variety, high in starch and low in moisture)
  • oil


1. Peel the potatoes, and trim into a 'soap' shape to give the potato curved edges and to ensure the slices have regularity.

2. Using a mandolin or knife, slice the potatoes to a thickness of 3-4 mm. Place the slices between sheets of absorbent paper, lightly pressing down to help absorb moisture from the outer layers of the potato.

3. Heat one pan of oil to around 130°C and the second to around 180°C. Add potato slices to the 130°C oil first. Agitate the oil continuously. As the potato slices begin to puff up, remove them from the oil and reserve on absorbent paper until they are ready to be transferred to the hotter oil, or transfer immediately.

4. Once transferred to the hotter, 180°C oil, keep basting constantly and watch the potato slices puff up.

5. Remove from the oil and drain. Serve with coarse salt.

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