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Introduction to Cooking Sous Vide


Learn how to cook a variety of dishes sous-vide in this practical 1-day cooking class. Cooking sous-vide is the simplest and most effective way to ramp up the taste and texture of food. The course teaches just how easy it is to produce restaurant-standard results with vegetables, potatoes, beef, chicken, fish and eggs.

We all know that cooking a perfectly tender steak or vegetables to the ideal texture can be tricky. Cooking steak sous-vide means the end result will have a better infusion of flavours, paired with a succulant and plump texture, while cooking vegetables such as carrots, asparagus and mushrooms sous-vide ensures that all the flavour added to the vegetable is absorbed without losing its texture.

This introductory course is perfect for anyone who is new to sous-vide cooking and is eager to learn this technique which delivers consistent results every time.

In our 6-hour Introduction to Cooking Sous-vide course, you will learn:

  • How to use a vacuum pack machine to pack, store or cook items and the difference between the bags that can be used
  • How to use a water bath
  • How to control precise temperatures when cooking for different ingredients
  • How to make three delicious dishes in a hands-on practical workshop
Recipes on this course can include:
  • Beef fillet sous-vide, green asparagus and baby carrots, ceps-flavoured red wine sauce
  • Salmon fillet sous-vide, spiced glazed red endive, orange and rosemary dressing
  • Egg cooked at 75°C, wild mushrooms, grilled country bread
  • Sous-vide apple with acacia honey, lingonberries and pistachios
Included in the price:

A 1 day, 6 hour practical cooking course, all ingredients, an apron and tea towel. All cooking equipment and teaching resources are provided in our practical kitchens for your use on the day. No prior knowledge is required for this course, which is suitable for both novices and cooks with some experience. All of the food created during the day is yours to take home with you.

Maximum of 10 participants working at their own station.

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