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The best way to temper chocolate

Tempering chocolate is an essential technique in pastry. It will ensure a glossy and crisp finish. Pastry chefs use the technique to make moulds or chocolate shavings, to coat chocolates and to make sculptures.

Adjust the amount of dark chocolate used depending on your choice of recipe.

Chefs tip: Once you have gone through the tempering process it is wise to check the process has been done correctly before using the chocolate. Take a kitchen paper towel and fold it in half. Dip the folded area into the chocolate and allow to set in a cool place for up to five minutes. If properly tempered, the chocolate should set evenly within this time and feel dry to the touch.

If you are tempering milk chocolate, melt to 45°C, cool to 26°C, and reheat to 29°C.
If you are tempering white chocolate, melt to 40°C, cool to 25°C and reheat to 28°C.

This technique was used in our chocolate marshmallows recipe - why not give it a try now?

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