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How to prepare a Chantilly cream

chantilly creamChantilly cream, a big favorite with food lovers, is extremely simple to prepare and will perfectly accompany a number of desserts. The key to success: whipping cream, a very cold bowl and a whisk that have both been chilled in the refrigerator.

Chefs tip:
The perfect way to flavour Chantilly cream is to use vanilla flavoured sugar. It is a great way to reuse expensive vanilla beans that have been used once already to make custards. Wash and dry overnight then store in a jar of sugar for one week, before grinding to a powder.


Please make sure that the whipping cream has at least 35% fat content otherwise it will not whip correctly.


prepare chantilly cream

Prepare a large bowl filled with ice. Place the very cold whipping cream and the vanilla powder in a smaller bowl over the ice. Tilt the bowl slightly and whisk the cream to soft peaks.


whisk chantilly cream

Stop whisking and mix in the powdered sugar.

make chantilly cream Continue whisking vigorously to stiff peaks.





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