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Seasons and gastronomy: The surprising return of seasonality in cuisine by Denis Saillard

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Seasons and gastronomy: The surprising return of seasonality in cuisine

In our temperate latitudes, cuisine has varied for centuries to reflect the seasons. Numerous cookbooks presented their recipe pages in line with the calendar and the “four seasons shopkeeper” denoted traders selling fruits and vegetables in the streets of French cities.

With the outstanding progress in international transportation, production (greenhouses…) and preservation techniques (industrial refrigeration…), as well as the development of hypermarkets, our contemporary societies have become increasingly liberated from seasonal constraints. Yet, for around twenty years, a whole gastronomic wave has aimed to reinstate the seasons in our food and culinary habits. What are the reasons behind this?

Our expert: Denis Saillard

Denis Saillard is doctor in history and associate researcher at the centre d’histoire culturelle des sociétés contemporaines (chcsc) at the university of Versailles/Saint-Quentin (upsay) and at the cercle (university of Lorraine).
His research examines the history of representations and social practices linked to gastronomy (food, cuisine, diet).
In 2015, in partnership with Didier Francfort, he published le goût des autres. De l’expérience de l’alérité gastronomique à l’appropriation (europe 18th-21st centuries), Nancy university press, and with Françoise Hache-Bissette, “A table!” Médias et médiations de la gastronomie, in le temps des médias, n° 24, spring 2015.

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  • Venue: Le Cordon Bleu Paris - 13-15 Quai André Citroën 75015 Paris, France
  • Date and time: Thursday June 7, 2018 from 6:30pm to 8pm
  • Price: €10
  • Conference in French only
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