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              Taste of Le Cordon Bleu - Cuisine Workshop


              With our Taste of Le Cordon Bleu cuisine course, you will gain essential culinary knowledge under the guidance of our Chef, whilst obtaining an insight into the experiences encountered by our students during their time at the world’s premier culinary arts school in London. You will be able to observe and engage in the learning environment and the teaching methods that you would be exposed to during one of our longer culinary programmes, making this course an ideal choice for prospective students looking to make final decisions as to their choice of programme.  

              Taste of Le Cordon Bleu aims to provide prospective students with an understanding of the school's teaching methodology prior to making their choice of programme.


              Content of our Taste of Le Cordon Bleu cuisine course:

              • Knife skills
                Cutting a mirepoix
                Chopping fresh herbs
                Turning vegetables
                Slicing mushrooms
                Finely chopping shallots
              • Butchery
                Jointing a chicken into eight pieces
              • Stocks
                Preparing a white chicken stock
              • Eggs
                Poaching eggs
              • Vegetables
                Preparing and cooking asparagus
                Glazing vegetables
              • Sauces
                Making a vinaigrette dressing
              • Meat cooking
                Cooking a chicken fricassée


              Included in the price:
              A six-hour group practical lesson (inclusive of a 30 minute break), all ingredients, a recipe booklet, an apron and tea towel.

              Maximum of 16 participants working at their own station.

              Whilst no prior knowledge is required for this course, it is recommended for those with an ambition to seek further professional development in the culinary arts and dedicated amateur cooks.


              Tuition: £ 230.00

              Duration: 1 day

              Session added successfully.

              Course: Taste of Le Cordon Bleu - Cuisine Workshop

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