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Le Cordon Bleu's Grand Diplôme® with Culinary Management is a full-time course and one of the most comprehensive culinary qualifications in our school as it comprises three of our most respected and renowned diplomas: Diplôme de Cuisine, Diplôme de Pâtisserie  and Diploma in Culinary Management.


4 intakes each year: Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn

Key information

Duration: 12 months

Price: £51,665

Diploma fees include: ingredients, uniforms, knife kit, learning materials

Hours per week: approximately 32 to 39 hours

Entry requirements: evidence of English language. No prior culinary experience is required. All students must be aged 18 years or over.

Please note that in order to successfully complete our Grand Diplôme® with Culinary Management, students will be required to handle live shellfish, prepare and use veal stock, take part in practical butchery classes on beef, pork and chicken, and handle alcoholic beverages within a culinary context.

Please note: applications requiring a visa can close up to 12 weeks before the course start date.

Programme Details

  • Course Structure

    The curriculum is composed of three Le Cordon Bleu diplomas:

    • During the first 9 months of the programme, you will study simultaneously our Diplôme de Cuisine and Diplôme de Pâtisserie in order to complete Le Cordon Bleu's most prestigious diploma: Grand Diplôme®. You will be first taught basic culinary and pastry skills before applying them to high-quality produce and specialist ingredients.
    • Diploma in Culinary Management: upon successful completion of both the Diplôme de Pâtisserie and the Diplôme de Cuisine, students will start studying this diploma over a period of 3 months. The Diploma in Culinary Management includes advanced culinary classes, key operational and management disciplines as well as business and marketing.

    To complete the full diploma you will need to succesfully complete the three diplomas over a period of 12 months.

  • Who is this programme for?

    This comprehensive programme is ideal for students who have already clear career objectives and know that culinary management knowledge associated to culinary arts skills will be key to their success. We welcome students from a variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds. No prior culinary experience is required. This programme is suitable if:

    • You wish to enter a career working in a professional kitchen (pâtisserie, restaurant or hotel)
    • You are a professional chef or entrepreneur and wish to learn classic French techniques
    • You wish to open your own business
  • What qualification will I gain?

    Combining thorough training in cuisine, pâtisserie and culinary management, Grand Diplôme® with Culinary Management is one of the most comprehensive diplomas available in our school.

    Qualification title: Le Cordon Bleu Grand Diplôme® with Culinary Management

    SCQF level: 8

    SCQF Credits: 180

    This qualification is listed on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) and has been independently credit-rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Further information is available here. This gives assurance that the content of our qualifications are of a high standard, meeting the rigorous quality assurance requirements of a national awarding body.

    For more information about accreditation and student visa sponsorship, visit our Accreditation and Educational Oversight page.

  • Add internship

    Our internship programme has been designed to provide you with the experience of working in a professional kitchen as part of your culinary training.

    You will be connected with one of our highly regarded industry partners who will be able to facilitate a structured placement, leading to a practical understanding of business and a variety of alternative aspects of kitchen operations.

    You will be assisted in all areas of the internship prior to undertaking the placement through workshops on developing Curriculum Vitae, cover letter, interview skills and preparation to enter the professional industry.

    The internship may be taken overseas. The internship pathway can only be taken with our standard Culinary Arts Diplomas.

    For more information get in touch.

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  • Term dates and apply

    Term Dates & Prices

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    Sep 27, 2024 - Sep 12, 2025 ( Standard )
    Jan 6, 2025 - Dec 12, 2025 ( Standard )
    Mar 28, 2025 - Mar 27, 2026 ( Standard )
    Jun 27, 2025 - Jun 26, 2026 ( Standard )
    Sep 26, 2025 - Sep 18, 2026 ( Standard )
    Jan 9, 2026 - Dec 11, 2026 ( Standard )
    Apr 2, 2026 - Mar 25, 2027 ( Standard )
    Jul 3, 2026 - Jun 25, 2027 ( Standard )
    Sep 25, 2026 - Sep 17, 2027 ( Standard )

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