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Hospitality roles often require a well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of the business you’re working in. So, as a hospitality professional, it is beneficial to equip yourself with a wide range of knowledge so you can deliver the best possible customer experience. 

When working in a restaurant setting, particularly front of house, an understanding of pairing wine and beverages with food is an excellent skill to have, even if it is not your main area of expertise. Gaining the knowledge to confidently make recommendations and describe wines to your customers will give you a real advantage, particularly if you want to move into management.

Le Cordon Bleu London’s Working with Wines and Beverages in a Restaurant short course has been specifically designed with hospitality professionals in mind. The course introduces students to key techniques in wine analysis and evaluation skills, perfect for those looking to gain a professional understanding of wine. 
The course teaches you how to apply sensory evaluation skills to a range of wines, identify common wine categories, styles and methods of winemaking and how to describe the different flavour profile of the major white grape varieties and red grape varieties.

If you want to continue your learning, the Managing the Wine & Beverage Offer in a Restaurant course is a continuation of the former and will further enhance your techniques in wine analysis and evaluation. You will learn how to apply professional sensory analysis skills to wines expected to be found on most restaurant beverage lists, and how to act like a wine buyer dealing with suppliers, how to recruit and train staff and to compile and price a beverage list.

These two professional courses are perfect for anyone interested in hospitality management or senior front of house positions. Discover the full range of wine and beverage courses available at Le Cordon Bleu London.