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Culinary short courses

Le Cordon Bleu on TripadvisorLe Cordon Bleu offers a range of short term culinary discoveries for those with a passion for the art of cooking: Demonstrations (visual) and workshops (hands-on).

These workshops take place in practical classrooms and give participants as much exposure as possible to the working environment of a professional kitchen. All the necessary ingredients and equipment are provided, including an apron and tea towel, and participants are free to take home their day's work. Please note that availability is limited.

For more information on the Cuisine and Pastry workshops as well as the course calendar, download the brochure. To enrol for one of the workshops, simply fill out the registration form in the brochure or book online.


Cooking for Friends Traditional Bread Baking French Regional Cuisine
Short cuisine course - Cooking for Friends Le Cordon Bleu short course - Traditional Bread Baking culinary workshop paris - French Regional Cuisine
The day begins with a 2½ hour culinary demonstration followed by a tasting. You will then prepare one of the demonstrated dishes under the supervision of a Chef. You will be able to return home and dazzle your friends with your culinary wizardry! Learn the secret techniques of making bread and viennoiserie during this specialized course. Your Chef Instructor will teach you the uses of fresh yeast, the different types and qualities of flour, and how to master the various stages of bread baking and croissant making. Discover the origins and essence of French cooking through Regional Cuisine courses. Le Cordon Bleu Chefs illustrate how the subtle blend of flavors characterize the different regions of France such as Brittany, Provence, Normandy, Alsace, Basque Country, Burgundy, and more...
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Classical & Modern Sauces Mediterranean Flavors Cuisines of the World
Cooking workshop Paris - Classical & Modern Sauces French traditional cuisine - Mediterranean Flavors Cuisines of the world, culinary workshop
One of our bestsellers! During this workshop you will learn the basic techniques for making traditional and modern sauces, the finishing touch for your dishes. Explore and discover the secrets of  Mediterranean Cuisine. The Chef demonstrates an entire menu followed by a tasting and you will then prepare one of the dishes demonstrated. Take a culinary voyage to Japan, Peru, India and many other countries during a full day workshop...Each course is dedicated to one country.
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Discovery workshops
Throughout the year Le Cordon Bleu offers a wide variety of themed practical courses. Subjects range from seasonal Cuisine and Pastry to the secrets of specific ingredients – macaroons, dishes in shot glasses, and petits fours are just some of the options:

  • A taste of Provence
  • Cordon Vert, Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Seasonal Fruit Tarts
  • Cuisines of the World
  • Freshly Baked Pastries
  • Financiers, Cakes and Pound Cakes
  • The Secrets of Macaroons
  • Terrines, a Traditional French Starter
  • Christmas Chocolate
  • The Chef's Choice, Foie Gras
  • Christmas Cakes
  • Choux Pastry Treats
Le Cordon Bleu Paris Short Courses - for all food lovers


Le Cordon Bleu Workshop and short courses apply online

Customized programs for private groups
Most of the programs listed in our calendar are available for private groups and can be tailor-made (minimum of 15 people for demonstrations and 10 for hands-on classes). For more information please contact Karine Carroy at: paris-ateliers[a] (please replace [a] by @).

Gift Certificates
Looking for an original gift idea for a special occasion? Le Cordon Bleu certificates may be used in exchange for any culinary course or boutique item. For further details please contact Karine Carroy at: paris-ateliers[a] (please replace [a] by @).