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Advanced Breakfast Baking


Join our Le Cordon Bleu Master Baker for this 1-day class exploring advanced breakfast baking techniques, which follows the Breakfast Baking course at Le Cordon Bleu. Building on the learnings of the Breakfast Baking course, you will learn how to use fresh yeast in the production of laminated and enriched doughs, straight dough mixing, rolling, cutting and advanced shaping techniques to a professional standard. You will also be equipped with the knowledge of how to appropriately chill, prove and bake a variety of laminated products, the correct uses of frozen to thawed cream fillings and how to correctly apply washes, glazes and decorations to viennoiserie products.

Learn how to create advanced breakfast baking items such as:

  • Flower shaped brioche feuilleté
  • Raspberry pâte levée feuilletée dough
  • Raspberry croissants
  • Small and large loaves
  • Brioche and pains aux raisins

Prerequisite: Completion of Breakfast Baking or relevant qualification.

All items created are yours to take home at the end of the class.

Please note that in order to be eligible for this class, students must have completed the Breakfast Baking class or have an equivalent qualification and be familiar with the basic techniques required. Proof of formal training is required; photos alone will not be accepted as proof of skillset.

Price: 260.00£

Duration: 6 hours