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Tastes of Asia (5 days)


Using the finest produce you will cook your way around Asia, discovering new ingredients and exciting flavour combinations during five fantastic days of cooking. This cooking course is designed for food lovers, where each day a different Asian country is explored and local specialities recreated. Under the guidance of one of our Chefs you will discover the skills of balancing flavours whilst also learning fundamental Asian cooking techniques.

 During this five-day cooking course, you will explore the following cuisine:


Day 1 - Malaysia / Indonesia

  • Beef: Preparing, marinating and cooking beef satay
  • Sauces: Making a peanut sauce
  • Poultry: Making a Malaysian spiced chicken curry
  • Rice: Boiling and frying a traditional style rice dish
  • Fruits: Making a steamed fruit cake

Day 2 - Thailand

  • Spices: Making a traditional Thai red curry paste
  • Vegetables: Making a vegetable Thai curry
  • Rice: Steaming Thai jasmine rice
  • White Fish: Preparing traditionally spiced fish cakes
  • Sauces: Making a Thai dipping sauce

Day 3 - Japan

  • Stocks: Making a traditional Japanese Dashi stock
  • Soups: Making Miso soup
  • Sushi: Preparing and rolling sushi maki
  • Dumplings: Making Japanese pork and shrimp dumplings

Day 4 - India

  • Spices: Making a traditional Tandoori marinade
  • Chicken: Cooking in a Tandoor oven
  • Lamb: Making a Madras lamb curry
  • Rice: Cooking traditional pilau rice
  • Bread: Preparing and cooking naan bread
  • Chutney: Making an Indian style chutney

Day 5 - China

  • Duck: Preparing, poaching, drying, glazing and roasting a Peking duck
  • Pork: Marinating and cooking pork
  • Noodles: Cooking noodles in a sauce
  • Spring rolls: Preparing, wrapping and frying spring rolls

Included in the price:
All ingredients, an apron and tea towel. All cooking equipment and teaching resources are provided in our practical kitchen for use on the day. Teaching sessions take place between 8am and 2.00pm (inclusive of a 30 minute break). No prior knowledge is required for this course, which is suitable for both novices and cooks with some experience. All of the food created during the day is yours to take home with you.

Maximum 16 participants working at their own station.

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