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Chi Wai Wong
Diplôme de Pâtisserie

Pastry diploma Alumni Chi Wai Wong Success Story - Le Cordon Bleu London

I love eating and making pâtisserie very much. Before I attended Le Cordon Bleu London Pâtisserie Diploma course, I could only obtain the knowledge and techniques of French pâtisserie via websites and books. In 2010, after 10 years in an internal audit job, I decided to follow my dream: Pâtisserie.

Since Le Cordon Bleu is the worldwide leader in Culinary Arts I absolutely believe that choosing Le Cordon Bleu in London was the best start for me to develop a new career path.

I find that the nine month Pâtisserie Diploma programme empowers students to build a strong foundation, learn the basics of French pâtisserie, gain a thorough understanding of pâtisserie theory and develop artistic skills through the demonstrations and practical sessions. The programme really helped me to develop my potential fully and enhanced my confidence in learning to be a successful professional in the relevant field. If you have a passion for the culinary arts Le Cordon Bleu can make dreams come true.

In 2011, after graduating, I came back to Hong Kong and decided to turn my dream into reality. I ran my own online cake business and a café in conjunction with a coffee company until July 2013. I eventually opened my own cake shop in August 2013: J’aime bien Pâtisserie. All these avenues have given me many enjoyable opportunities to share my pâtisserie stories. At our shop, you can enjoy impressive selections of pâtisserie made from the finest quality ingredients. We also offer a customization service, creating one-off desserts (macaroons, chocolates, cookies, etc.) for special occasions.

In August 2014, I launched an exciting programme called ‘Fun Gathering’ for all sugary treat lovers. During the sessions, I share my passion for pâtisserie with customers of J’aime bien Pâtisserie. I also share my professional knowledge and concepts learnt from Le Cordon Bleu, allowing them to understand the story and principles behind desserts and how to distinguish the appearance, texture and flavours in different pâtisseries. The topic is the same for each gathering and the related pâtisseries are made accordingly. All ‘sweet fans’ are welcome to join!

“Professional, sharing, and friendly” is our style . Visit www.jaimebienpatisserie.com for more information about J’aime bien Pâtisserie in Hong Kong.

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