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Holmsted Fines chutney by alumna Rebecca Williamson

Holmsted Fines Chutney

Graduating from Le Cordon Bleu London can open a multiple number of career doors, Alumna Rebecca Williamson chose to start her company on the gourmet condiment market.

Part of the condiment family, chutney, like jams and jellies, can be chunky or smooth, and served with cold meats, cheese and crackers, vegetables and, in many parts of the world, it can be served as part of a complex dish or as an easy and sophisticated appetizer.

Rebecca Williamson, one of Le Cordon Bleu London’s Pâtisserie alumna from 2003 has a love for chutney, and now after years of making her signature green tomato chutney for friends, family and guests, Rebecca is commercially producing her old English recipe of peach and balsamic red onion chutney to extend her already versatile condiment range.

Rebecca was first introduced to green tomato chutney in 2002 whilst living in England, due to the countries short tomato season; she turned her hand to the surplus of green tomatoes which she made into chutney. Her passion for food led her to create Holmsted Fines, which uses all natural ingredients. Rebecca’s culinary training and creativity has seen her grow her range within the Holmsted Fines brand to chutneys that provide additional pairing flexibility, including beef, game and other poultry.

Holmsted Fines chutney is now being sold in fine food stores across 18 states in America including New York, Florida, Texas, Ohio and Alabama. The range has now also more recently become available in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Israel.

Rebecca's company also commits to give 10% of company profits to save and/ or improve the lives of people throughout the world who do not have the resources or ability to do so themselves.

To find out more or to buy online, please visit: holmstedfines.com